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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What's Coming Next

Remnant Pieces
  Remnants are small leftover pieces, not big enough to use for a large area, but big enough to hold on to. This week our newsletter is filled with small topics - not enough for an entire newsletter, just good little tidbits of information. Hope you enjoy these remnants!

What Are Clean Lines
You hear this all the time on the home improvement shows. What does it really mean? Clean lines mean that all surfaces are flat and relatively clear of "clutter". Furniture with clean lines has straight edges -- no ornate caving or fancy work.
Plan On Waiting
Many home improvement related items are on significant back order. Appliances, fabric, plumbing fixtures, hot tubs, windows, doors, furniture, lighting -- expect to be told 14 to 16 weeks to get, even on made in USA items.

Not So Boring Brown
Browns and beiges bounce back. Houzz tells us a trend that comes up again and again is a renewed interest in shades of brown. Warm taupe, beiges, sands -- basically all earth tones are surging in popularity. Some designers say the trend is an evolution from the whites and grays popular in recent years and that brown as an accent color works well to bring warmth to a palette heavy with those colors.

A Necessary Update
From  one of the biggest buyer turn-offs is popcorn ceilings. Textured and popcorn ceilings scream the 70s. The rough, bumpy texture is tough to keep clean, hard to repair, and frankly just looks bad. If you can, remove popcorn ceilings in your home. It's a bit of a chore (and a messy one) but once the popcorn is gone the clean, sleek surface of your ceilings will look much better than before.

How Much Will It Cost
Overall inflation is expected to be modest this year, with the exception of high demand items with little to no supply and on items that are imported from overseas.   High demand, low supply makes sense.  But what's going on with the imported items?  
There is a major shortage of ship­ping containers, fewer shipping vessels, and once the container ship reaches the U.S. delays at our ports. Last summer the typical cost for a container was about $1,200. Now, suppliers say they are paying anywhere between $6K to $9K. "On particular routes, we are paying 300% to 400% more than what we were pay­ing several months ago," said Rup Shah, president, MSI, which supplies both natural tile and luxury vinyl products. "While we are accustomed to fluctuating costs for ocean freight based on supply/demand, we have never seen anything even close to what we are experiencing right now."   Typically, these periods of congestion only last 30-60 days. Unfortunately, this situa­tion has been going on since early October, and progressive­ly worsened. We appear to be in a sustained period of turmoil with no relief in sight.

Word to the wise:  expect higher prices on imports, and extensive delays to get what you need.

Popular Pergolas
If you want to create an inviting outdoor living space, you'll probably need some shade to do it. A pergola is a relatively quick and affordable solution. These simple shade structures, which can be built and installed in a day or two, provide adequate shade for dining, lounging and other outdoor activities.

Dark Is Done
In floors, paint, fabric -- dark colors are dramatic but they close in a space. Many people will continue to work remotely in 2021 and multi-purpose rooms are a necessity. Dark colors limit the usage of a space and without expert lighting, a dark room is just that - dark! When shopping, go with lighter colored furniture, accessories, and paint.

How To Find It
Now that we know that it's hard to find home improvement items right now, and prices are going up, what do you do when you need something? See if someone is selling it.  Take a look on Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, OfferUp, even eBay (look for Local Pickup Only). And don't forget about Etsy, filled with handmade and vintage items from artisans and crafters.

Spring Is Almost Here
The first day of spring is only a few weeks away. As you are shopping for fun new accessories for a quick update, trending colors you'll see are greens, blues, and terra cotta.

Design Tip
We get it. It is very difficult to envision how a tiny flooring sample will look installed in your home. Here are some options for seeing the floor you like in your room.
~~Many manufacturers have created the technology for you to see their floor in YOUR room. When you are on our website (, under Products, look for See in my room (in an orange box). You can upload a picture of your room (TIP: be sure it shows a lot of floor) and the style and color you are interested in will be superimposed over your current floor. It is quick and easy and there are a lot of floors to choose from. You can then save the picture you created. It's almost magical!

~~Facebook has Pages from almost every manufacturer and your favorite retailers, filled with pictures of their products. Enhance Floors & More posts lots and lots of pictures of our installations, which is a great way to see a product you liked in the Design Center installed in an actual home. Share the photo to keep it on your page, or save the image for future use.

~~Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. In fact, Instagram works best on a mobile device and not a PC. When a photo is posted on Instagram, hashtags are used. Use the hashtags to search for the product(s) you are interested in, for example #lgviatera or #mohawkrevwoodplus. You can save individual photos you like to refer back to later.
~~Houzz is a website that focuses on home improvement projects. Houzz has millions of pictures and lots of helpful articles. You can create your own Ideabooks and start saving pictures of what inspires you.  

~~Pinterest is a web-based "virtual pinboard"; a high-tech version of tearing pictures you like out of magazines to file away for future reference. You can browse pinboards created by others for inspiration, "re-pin" images to your own boards, or 'like' photos to refer to. You can set up separate boards for each of your projects, for example, Baby's Room or Master Bathroom. As you see pictures that you like, pin to your board.
Of course, Enhance Floors & More is on all of these social media sites. You can easily link to our pages thru our website (, simply go to the very bottom right of our Home page and look for the icons.

You may be wondering how this is helpful. So often a client has a hard time describing what she is interested in, but a picture is worth a thousand words! Install the apps on your smart phone or tablet and you now have your favorites with you everywhere you go. Show us your board or Ideabook with the picture of, for example, the backsplash design that you like, and we will be able to take you to a similar product in our store.
There are so many helpful ways to technology to make your dream home a reality!

Appointments in the Design Center are recommended. Schedule your safe and private time to visit the showroom by giving us a call or using this link:

We look forward to seeing you in the store!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Is It Really Waterproof?
Waterproof flooring. It's the hottest thing out there. Everybody wants it. Waterproof LVP. Waterproof laminate. Even waterproof wood. You will see in flooring showrooms all over America display with a piece of "waterproof" plank submerged in water for days, weeks, months

But what are you really getting?  
The uninstalled floor itself is waterproof. The locking systems on the floors are also "waterproof" but not for excessive amounts of water (more on this later). Think of a "waterproof" floor as being topically waterproof, for splashes and spills, pet accidents, wet mopping, typical everyday occurrences like this.  Drop an ice cube, your floor will be OK.

But what if there's a lot of water? Waterproof is defined as being impervious to water, not allowing water to go through. And impervious is an even stronger word: not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable, not capable of being damaged or harmed. A floor? Especially a wood floor? A laminate floor that is 80% wood? Really? 

Roofs can leak. Swimming pools can leak. Showers can leak. All of these are made to constantly get wet.  Floors are not.

A lot of water can and will get in, around, through, and under the flooring. The quicker you get the liquidup, the better. But if your house floods, the water will reach the perimeter and make its way under the floor. Subfloors, wood trim, walls, all will likely be damaged by excessive amounts of water either on or below the "waterproof" flooring.

  Water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year, and the average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is over $7,000. The most common water damage issues are caused by plumbing and appliance issues, and less common are weather-related events such as rain, snow, or pipes burst due to freezing temperatures. Your "waterproof" floor is not going to help in situations like this. So please don't buy a floor thinking it is going to survive a water damage.
You may be thinking can't I just pull up the "waterproof" floor, dry everything out, and reinstall it. If it is a small area and you are super careful, probably. You must be very careful not to damage the tongues when removing the floor (otherwise you will have a hard time getting it back together) and you should number the planks, because it needs to be reinstalled like a puzzle. However, if there is a remediation company involved, their job is to get the floor up quickly and start drying everything out, because mold is an expensive word to an insurance company.
A remediation technician will not know that your floor could possibly be reused, and his focus is NOT going to be on saving your floor. When you have a flood, you are going to get a new floor. And probably a new subfloor, sheetrock repair, new trim, painting, sometimes a new ceiling and new furniture ... that's why we have homeowner's insurance.

To summarize, a floor is not impervious to water. Instead, think of your "waterproof" floor as having a surface that is resistant to small amounts of liquid that you clean up in a quick amount of time. You will avoid the disappointment of finding that something you thought would be covered by the flooring warranty is not.

How Much Does It Cost? 
Tile and stone are the tried-and-true waterproof floors. Installed and maintained properly, tile can be installed inside AND outside (porcelain and stone) and look great for decades. We are installing wood-look porcelain tile in the large basement of an Atlanta home. Yes, it is pricey. But we are replacing a high-end strand woven bamboo floor that was ruined by a leak. The cost is $16,500 for 1278 square feet of a top-of-the-line porcelain with upgraded stain resistant grout and pull up and disposal of the existing flooring. This is a floor that will be durable, easy to keep clean, and still be in use long after our client no longer lives in the home.
Design Tip
The trend for rattan and cane furniture is still going strong into 2021 - coffee tables, chairs and bed headboards are all really easy ways to bring this stylish material into your home. Rattan is also super popular for your outdoor spaces - look for all weather wicker, aluminum or powder coated steel frames, or synthetic resins that will give you the look without the worry.

From Bob in Sandy Springs:
"Enhance installed carpeting and tile flooring which I purchased from them. They patiently assisted me in selecting the appropriate flooring, did an outstanding job of installation, and followed-up to ensure my total satisfaction. They were heads and shoulders above others in the business I've dealt with."

Thank you, Bob. You put a lot of thought into your product choices, and asked about all the pros AND cons of the floors you were considering. We always try to be very honest, even if it is not the answer a client wants to hear. Enjoy your new carpet and tile, and we look forward to helping you with your next project.

Appointments in the Design Center are recommended. Schedule your safe and private time to visit the showroom by giving us a call or using this link:

We look forward to seeing you in the store!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Home Design Trends To Look For

The Great Pandemic has made us rethink our homes - spending more time at home definitely reveals what works and what doesn't. Here are some things to consider, from

The Great Outdoors
Elaborate outdoor spaces for the kids are trending, huge play sets with zip lines and climbing walls. No more simple tire swings!
And for the adults, fireplaces or fire pits, patio/deck areas, and screened-in porches that can be used year-round are on the rise. That includes outdoor kitchens, which have become more popular than ever during the pandemic. If we are going to be outdoors, we want it as pleasant as possible.

Dedicated Home Offices
This is no surprise, right?
We can probably all admit: Working from the kitchen table was kind of cute when you thought you would be doing it for only a few weeks. But now? Not so much. That's why, in 2021 (and beyond) home offices will be more important than ever.

"One of the most prevalent design trends currently is adding or renovating home offices. People are working from home and do not want to field calls from the kitchen table," says Simon Isaacs, owner/broker of Simon Isaacs Real Estate.

If you don't have a spare room for an office, there are plenty of ways to get creative and set up a space with some personality. In fact, one of the biggest trends on Pinterest this year is the rise of the "cloffice," a combination of "closet" and "office."

"I've seen clients transform hall closets into amazing offices with high-gloss paint, some wallpaper, and a few shelves," Isaacs says. "A can of paint can go a long way."
Clearly Delineated Spaces
The desire for open floor plans is dwindling. They're not completely passé (yet), but people are increasingly interested in closing off those wide-open spaces we so used to covet.

"The pandemic has completely shaped home design trends for 2020 and 2021," Isaacs says. "Not only do people want to create a cozy shared living space, but they also are carving out areas to have some space to themselves."

"The trend will be to create different living spaces within the open floor plan so people will have pockets or nooks in the home for e-learning, Zoom calls, a conversation, lounging, exercising, etc.," adds Julie Busby, founder of the Busby Group at Compass in Chicago.

The need for separate spaces is also shifting home buyers' priorities in the new year.

"New buyers are asking for homes with more separation, as sometimes multigenerational families share a home and need space and privacy amongst themselves," says Yorgos Tsibiridis, a broker at Douglas Elliman.

Smart Bathroom Innovations

We won't soon forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, when grocery shelves were cleared of Charmin and bidets sold out at home improvement stores.

Never embraced the bidet in your home bathroom? Well, hold on to your butts: That's just the start of things - you can expect to see a slew of new bathroom innovations in 2021 as homeowners continue to focus more than ever on hygiene (and perhaps prepare for the next Great Toilet Paper Shortage).
Look for touchless fixtures, smart mirrors, smart toilets - you will soon be sharing your bathroom with Alexa!

The Final Week
We are in the final days of our big Grand Reopening Month. We recently updated many of the floors in the Design Center and invite you to come in and take a look.  We have over 40 installed floor coverings, as well as window treatments, a staircase, and kitchen and bathroom vignettes to see.

You can register to win a great prize (an LG television, gift cards, rugs, even a free floor to one lucky winner!) while you are in the showroom. You still have time, we aren't drawing for the prize winners until Monday, February 1.

Appointments are recommended. Call today to schedule your safe and private time to visit. 
Or here's the link to reserve your private appointment time:

We look forward to seeing you in the store!

 I Was Floored By Enhance

Donna in Marietta writes:
"Enhance Floors and More refinished our 23-year-old white oak floors in a slightly different shade. They were damaged from sunlight, pets and water and the individual boards had separated in the seams from settling and shrinking. They filled in the seams and then resanded. I must say what a difference that made and we really like the new color. The sanding made some nice slight variations in the wood that resemble new flooring choices that have a distressed design. We are very pleased with the end result although it was not a fun process but thankfully not one required very often. My husband and I did a lot of the furniture moving and covering chandeliers, drapes, mirrors etc. that we could not take down and the crew moved the rest at an additional charge. Although there is not as much dust as in the old days from sanding there is still quite a bit even with the newest methods. I'm so glad we ended up doing it. We had a hard time deciding if we were up for the project which is quite a job but it was worth it in the end and only a few days inconvenience. The pros did a nice job, showed up on time and stayed in communication with us throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Thank you, Donna. We do agree that the refinishing process is inconvenient and not a whole lot of fun, though totally worth it in the long run. You end up with a brand new floor, for a fraction of the cost. Thank you for writing such a nice review on Houzz!

How Much Does It Cost
We won't reveal what Donna's project cost, but can tell you that similar projects run around $4.00 per square foot. This includes sanding the floor using a "dustless" system, a light to medium stain, and 
three coats of polyurethane. New shoe mold is also included in this price, as your existing shoe mold needs to be removed for the sanding process and is very rarely reusable.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

"An optomist stays up until midnight
to see the new year in.  
A pessamist stays up 
to make sure the old year leaves."
- Bill Vaughn

I think we were all hoping that 2021 would be filled with great things. It has started a little rough, but there's still plenty of year remaining for it to get better. We are rooting for you, 2021 - onward and upward!
One thing that has changed along with the calendar is our Design Center. We spent the time around Christmas and New Year's making major updates. We installed new laminate floors, hardwoods, and carpets. We brought some new product lines into the store and reorganized the design and flow of the showroom. We can't wait for you to see it!

Here are some of our favorites:
Everyone loves the new Palmetto Road hardwood floor Tuscany color Nola. It is one of the first things you see when you come into the store. It is gorgeous: wide plank French oak, in a light color with a matte finish.  This floor is sure to be one of very popular.
Flecked carpet is not new. It has changed over the years from being made with only one color combined with black to using more fashion forward colors that coordinate and blend with natural products like hardwoods and stone. We chose a Mohawk ColorMax carpet (Charming Qualities) that looks great with the surrounding wood floors. This carpet will be super practical, too, since it's a SmartStrand carpet. Very stain resistant and durable, it's a great choice for the showroom as well as for your home!
French Beige, Sandcastle Oak, Driftwood, Boathouse Brown - these colors are as beautiful as the names imply. We installed twelve (that's right, 12!) new laminate floors in the Design Center. We are big believers in laminate floors - laminates are stain and scratch resistant, almost indestructible, even waterproof. We have new floors from Mohawk RevWood, Quickstep, and Mannington. Dark colors, light colors, medium tones. Oaks and maples, all gorgeous wood looks.  Come find your favorite!
We redid the Luxury Vinyl flooring a few months ago. We can't wait to help you compare the two "sister products" and find the perfect look for your busy household. 
What Else Is New?
Our newest product lines include Karastan BelleLuxe hardwoods, Metroflor Engage luxury vinyl, Quickstep NatureTEK laminate, and H2ome waterproof hardwood floors. New Karastan carpets and Mohawk hardwood flooring styles are arriving daily. We have so many beautiful products for you to see! Don't worry, you won't be overwhelmed, we will help you find the right floor.
Is There More?
Yes! January is our Grand Re-Opening Month. We are celebrating our new look with great sale prices, giveaways including two different new floors to win, and private appointment times for you to meet with the experts. Our very knowledgeable vendor reps will be in the store to answer all your questions and help you learn more about floors. 

To schedule your safe appointment time (masks are required) give us a call (770.565.3808) or  visit, click on the red box FREE FLOOR GIVEAWAY, then reserve your 1:1 appointment time. You can follow our Facebook page to see the schedule of who will be in the store, so you don't miss out on meeting with the expert you want to spend time with. We look forward to seeing you!
One More Thought

"Each New Year, we have before us a brand new book containing 365 blank pages. Let us fill them with all the forgotten things from last year-the words we forgot to say, the love we forgot to show, and the charity we forgot to offer."  ~ Peggy Toney Horton

Sign up now for your private appointment to see our gorgeous new floors and preview the latest product introductions. 
Here's the link to reserve your private appointment time:

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

The big day is almost here and we have a tiny chance of snow in the forecast!  Who is dreaming of a White Christmas?
This year celebrations may be smaller, you may see many family members only on Facetime or Zoom, but it is still a special time for fun, reminiscing and looking forward. We wish you much joy and happiness.

Here are a few fun things to do over the coming days:
~Make and decorate cookies.

~Have a Christmas movie marathon. Maybe in your matching pajamas. 
~Set up a Christmas Eve hot cocoa bar. Or a Christmas morning mimosa bar.

   ~Make a holiday greeting video or have a silly family photo shoot and send it to friends and family.

~Check out holiday lights in your area. Get in the car, play holiday music, and find brightly lit houses to "oooh and aaah" over.
~~Yummmm, we all love the smells of the holidays.  Keep a simmer pot going with cloves, nutmeg, and other spices to give your home a fragrant holiday smell.
~~Have a Christmas item scavenger hunt. If you have older kids, use the camera on your phones instead of actually gathering the items.

What We Are Doing While You Are Having Fun
We are installing new floors in the Showroom. Brand new laminate floors, hardwoods, and carpet. We have chosen the newest looks and colors, as well as some tried and true best sellers. We know you will be inspired when you see our beautiful new floors.  After all, seeing the floor installed is so much better than looking at samples or pictures.
There are also some new product lines coming in:
Karastan BelleLuxe          Raintree 
Hardwood Floors              Waterproofed Wood

Metroflor                                    Quickstep
Engage Inception LVP          Laminates

We will have our Grand Reopening in January 2021. There will be prizes and giveaways all month long, including a free floor that someone will win! Watch for details on our website and Facebook page. 

  We are scheduling appointment times in the Design Center so that everyone is safe and socially distanced. Here's the link to reserve your private appointment time:
Be sure to watch our progress on Facebook and Instagram.  See each new floor as it is installed, get inspired, and choose your favorite!