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Friday, September 13, 2019

What Should I Be Looking At

What's HOT Besides the Weather???
Wow, this summer has been brutal-- hot, hotter, hottest! But in spite of the weather, we have been busy, busy, busy! What have we been selling, and what are we installing? Lots:

Berber Carpet. Yep, Berber carpet is back! And we love it. This is not the Berber your parents had back in the 70's. First of all, the fibers are better. Back then it was mostly Olefin, and it was rough and scratchy. Today's Berbers are nylons, wools, and Triextas and they are soft and subtle. The loops aren't as big, making the carpet less "Playroom" and more "Living Room."  Back in the day, most of those Berbers were multicolored, adding to their casual appearance. Now they are mostly solids, and appropriate for any room in the house. Just beautiful!

What else is selling like hot cakes?  Wide plank wood and wood-look floors. By wide we mean 7, 8, and even 9-inch planks. We have beautiful wood floors that look like they could have come from a stately old castle in Europe, gorgeous colors, rich patina, and a little bit of distressing. And following that trend, we also have luxury vinyl plank (LVP), laminates, and porcelain floors that have those same features, for those who want the look but not the maintenance of wood. Some of them are amazing! We have even done combinations of these, for customers who wanted wood in the "living" areas of the home, but LVP or porcelain in the kitchen and bathrooms, for instance.

Which is wood? Which is LVP?

They're both gorgeous, aren't they? The bedroom is LVP, the living room is wood!

We have some other finishes that are sizzling hot! Porcelain tiles that resemble real stone are so beautiful we are looking for reasons we need it in our own homes! Look at this one called Fitch by Happy Floors-- so dramatic, so eye-catching, yet so durable. We think it would be a perfect choice for a den, an office, or a super masculine master bath.

And here is another of our favorites-- Contessa by Interceramic.
Contessa is so regal, so classic, and sooooo easy to live with! She is beautiful with grays and beiges, and is subtle and quiet, content to let other surfaces be the star of the show.

When it comes to laminates, we are in love! Laminates are "becoming" popular again-- they never stopped being great with us. Anyone with kids, dogs, rowdy husbands, or teenage boys should consider laminates, especially now! The looks are just incredible, so realistic and current, and this stuff holds up to all that an active family can do, and more, and most of it is water resistant. Great floors!

Mohawk's Beachside Collective, color Beachwood, is one of those floors that brings back memories of summers with the sand between our toes, no cares, and a warm breeze blowing. Who doesn't want to be there again? A beautiful color, with distinctive oak graining, and a timeless worn-soft look. 

If you are looking for something a little darker and more rustic, we recommend Rustic Legacy, also by Mohawk. It is a beautiful floor. We have it installed here in the showroom in the color Earthen Chestnut if you'd like to see it in person. The lineup also includes Cedar Chestnut, Knotted Chestnut, and Sandcastle Oak. 

The new Mohawk laminate line-- referred to as Revwood, is gorgeous, with lots of new introductions-- colors and textures galore, and water resistant! We also carry other beautiful laminates-Mannington Restoration, Beau Flor's Eternity line, and The Signature Collection. They are all so good looking, you'll have a hard time deciding! Mannington even offers three Chevron patterns that are color coordinated with their regular plank floors.
And usually carpet doesn't bring the ocean to mind, but how about a color called Clamshell? Dreamweaver's Exceptional II is an update to their original style Exceptional, but with all new colors, and their best-selling color is Clamshell-- that is wishful thinking! But really, if you are looking for a GREAT price on a GREAT quality carpet, come in and see Exceptional II! Other colors include Morning Fog, Sawgrass, and Iced Coffee, so we have colors for all your beach moods. 

Design Tip
Flooring stylings are influenced by fashion-- hot colors in clothing, for example, make their way into home décor.  Colors you see on the runway will start showing up in stores like Pottery Barn and Target, in paint colors, in rugs, and yes, in flooring.  The downside of this is that older colors start feeling stale and get discontinued.  

We've told you about floors that are in vogue right now.  What isn't? Frieze and super shaggy carpet. Parquet floors.  Small bathroom floor tiles like 4" x 4" and 6" x 6". Very dark, almost black hard surface floors.  Narrow width (2 ¼") wide hardwoods. Exotic hardwoods like Brazilian cherry and bamboo. Not to say that we don't install these products anymore (hey, if you love something, it's your house, own it!) but there are fewer and fewer offerings and choices these days.  If a manufacturer does not sell much of something, it's not cost effective to keep making it.  

Every week a client calls or comes in wanting more of a product we installed 20 years ago, and the first thing we do is see if it is still available.  Sometimes it is, but not always. Your design vision may become floors that complement what you already have, particularly if you do not want to replace everything.  Luckily your Enhance Floors Design Consultant can help you find products that will be beautiful in your home, once you get past the initial shock of what you have and love no longer being made.

How Much Does It Cost?
We just worked with a client that is expecting a lot of family staying over for the holidays.  They needed to finish off some rooms in the basement to add more "hang out" areas. We installed a little over 600 sq feet of LVP, 7" wide in pretty brownish-red tones, for $4500.  The space is now warm and inviting, and very much on trend.

I Was Floored By Enhance
Mickie in Smyrna writes: "We replaced carpet in our den with new hardwoods, installed on premises. They were stained to match existing hardwoods in the adjoining room that are 22 years old. We were astonished how well the staining person matched the existing hardwoods (ask for Mike, he is a genius!). You can't even tell where the old hardwoods end and the new hardwoods begin! Friends and family told me there would be dust everywhere from the sanding and that did NOT happen at all. We also replaced 22-year-old carpet with new carpet in our very large living room. Everybody showed up when they said they would, they all were quite nice and respectful and communicated perfectly despite language differences. From start to finish I loved working with all parties involved. We have had nightmares with other companies or contractors but the experience with Enhance is the BEST experience we have ever had in 33 years of home ownership!"
Thank you, Mickie, for the great review.  We are so glad that adding to your older existing wood floor turned out perfect.  Enjoy your "feels brand new again" home!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Help Kittens, Win A Roomba

We're Not Kitten You!
You're right, our fun showroom events (aka parties!) always have a flooring theme---but not this one!  Please join us next Tuesday for an adoption event for kittens!

Tuesday August 27
4 til 7 pm
Enhance Floors & More
1847 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062

ANGELS AMONG US PET RESCUE  is overflowing with kittens (and cats!) Come meet these fabulous felines and find your new fluffy best friend.  Join us for food, drinks, fun, and kittens! 

Want to help but not looking to adopt?  That's OK---bring a donation and you'll be entered to win a Roomba.   Suggested items to donate include wet and dry kitten food (Royal Canin Mother and Babycat), cat litter (clumping and nonclumping), postage scalesfood and water bowlsbreakaway kitten collarsbottles, and snuggly toys.

Be sure to ask about the Kitten Caboodle Adoption Specials.  

And while you are here, we will be happy to help you find the purrfect pet friendly floor for your home.

Fun Facts About Kittens:
~~Kittens sleep about 18 hours a day
~~Their sense of hearing is one of the best on the planet
~~Kittens are very easy to potty train
~~All kittens are born with blue eyes
~~Once grown, kittens can run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour
~~Many kittens are lactose intolerant---provide water, not milk
~~Girl kittens are usually right-pawed and boys are more likely to be left-pawed
~~Raising two kittens together is highly recommended as they will entertain one another 
~Kittens purr when they are happy and relaxed.  Purring also increases their bone density and promotes healing
~~Cat owners are healthier than those without cats.  The risk of heart attack is cut by a third among people who have a pet cat

Thursday, August 8, 2019

More About The More

One thing we get a lot, when people are in our showroom for the first time, is "Oh, I didn't know you did that!"  Folks come in expecting to see floors, because, well, that's our name "Enhance Floors and More" but not much thought is given to the "More" part of that. Well, we do a lot more.

We do Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling, and all the component parts involved in these. We also do staircase makeovers,including new balusters, handrails, and newel posts. We offer design consultations, complementary in the store, for a fee in your home. We sell and install Hunter Douglas window treatments.  Countertops, yes, we do that too! We carry an extensive line of tile, for floors, walls, backsplashes, and showers. We carry an assortment of area rugs here in the store, and also offer special order from several different rug manufacturers. 

Up And Down
A common question when a client is updating their staircase is do have to have carpet?  The choice on whether to carpet your staircase or leave it with the wood exposed really depends on how the stairs have been constructed, the materials and the condition. Don't assume that you have usable wood all the way under your staircase carpet.  Many times, what is under the carpet is plywood, or pine, or some other material that is not attractive.  

Sometimes fully carpeting the stairs is the only option. Fully carpeted stairs are the default for many homeowners. They can provide a generally practical and hard wearing surface, comfort underfoot and can offer immediate impact and a visual change for those seeking an update to their interior. And often there is an option to do both---exposed wood with a decorative runner added. There are pros and cons to runners, as well as pros and cons to leaving the stairs bare.

Carpet runners leave the edges of the stairs visible. Runners are ideal when you don't want to fully cover your beautiful stairway. Runners will add some warmth without hiding the flooring. Most homeowners opt for boldly patterned runners to add detail and texture to an otherwise neutral space. Find a unique pattern that blends in with the surrounding décor but still draws the eyes towards the staircase. 

You can also opt for neutral subtly patterned carpeting if you want a plain minimalist style. This is also where you can add some interest with texture. We can create a runner for your stairs from any carpet in the store-- that's a LOT of choices!

Runners can provide safety benefits, especially for those who are more susceptible to falls, such as the elderly and small children. Large dogs, too, are more comfortable on a staircase with a runner. Wood stairs can be more slippery underfoot and the hard surface is likely to cause injury in the event of a fall, making it less desirable for those who are not as steady on their feet. Runners also offer soundproofing advantages, which can be particularly useful for a large household where children and dogs are galloping up and down the stairs. Bare stairs are beautiful, however, and super easy to clean.

Splish Splash
Another one of our favorite "creations" is helping a customer get rid of their old outdated and sometimes impractical shower, and create a beautiful new space. Showers should be beautiful-- that's where most of us start our day! It is part body and hair cleansing, part therapy!  It should be a place that makes you feel happy and grounded, ready to face the world. We have created some really gorgeous showers and bathrooms.  

While the tile is the star of the show in the shower, there's another component that is vitally important, that gets very little attention, because it just stands there and does its job: the shower glass!  The glass is such an integral part of a beautiful shower, but something to which we give very little thought. 

We do offer some alternatives when you are composing your new shower space. You can choose from clear glass, rain glass, or frosted glass, as well as several finishes for your hardware. Lately, almost everyone chooses a silver tone finish, whether it is polished or shiny, nickel, stainless, or chrome.

Replacing your shower curtain with a wall of glass is going to visually enlarge your bathroom, as well as show off your beautiful new tile design inside the shower. It will provide less opportunities for mold and mildew to accumulate. When we finish off your shower with beautiful new frameless glass, it will be perfectly fitted to your space, and the door will meet usually within a sixteenth of an inch. Perfect shower glass cannot be prefabricated, because walls are never exactly square. 

You would be amazed at the difference a new frameless glass shower makes to the look of your bathroom! Come in and let us show you how great your new bathroom can be!

How Much Does It Cost? Part 1
A typical staircase has 13 steps.  The price range for staircase carpet is wide, based primarily on the style and fiber selected.  A "good" quality cut pile carpet, nothing fancy, installs between $600 and $900. Patterned carpets (cut and loop, Berbers) typically install between $1000 and $1400.  A print carpet (think of a Persian rug), usually wool, will install starting around $2000 and go up from there.

How Much Does It Cost? Part 2
Since every shower size is different, and frameless glass shower doors are not prefabricated, there aren't set linear prices for the doors.  Each door is custom made for your shower. Most range between $1600 and $2200 installed.

Design Tip
You keep hearing about bohemian (boho) design.  How to define it--it's artsy, random, eclectic, devoid of structure and order, rooms that are bright, colorful, and patterned. The boho color palette leans heavily on earthy tones: think browns and greens, jewel tones, and metallics. Pattern is also key, as many bohemian textiles come from exotic places around the world, like Persian rugs and Ikat from Southeast Asia.

But bohemian design isn't just about incorporating these elements--it's about not being afraid to mix and layer them. Colors and patterns don't necessarily have to "go" together; what makes it unique is how they are combined and unconventional ways they are used, such as hanging a rug in addition to using one on the floor.  Boho style features textiles that are slightly worn, vintage furniture, items that are natural or handmade, all with a no rules, anything goes attitude.  

I Was Floored By Enhance
Allison in Acworth writes: "We were more than happy! It was excellent work, no complaints, and I'm absolutely 100% likely to recommend them to someone. Enhance did the hardwoods for the whole downstairs, up the stairs, and down the hall.  It was asizable job and they did it quick and clean."

Thank you, Allison.  You have done a lot of work at your home over the past few years, and we are proud to have been a part of the transformation.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

In & Out

What's In What's Out
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there has been a lot of heart surgery going on lately. Some of the features that we have loved, and some we have not loved, are going away. Other new trends are moving in. Joy or sorrow? You decide:

Pot Racks are over. This was a trend you either loved or hated. And if you loved it, you will probably keep yours, and that is fine. Some kitchens really benefit from having the extra space they provide by freeing up under-cabinet space. To some they say "A serious cook lives here" and other folks feel they make an area look messy. 

Tiled countertops are out. Honestly, have they ever been in? Sure they existed, but mostly as a budgetary issue. Countertops take too much of a beating for tile to really work. And the grout? Ugh. There are so many other choices that tile on the countertop, while it may look great with some really special tile (think Mexican Azulejos) it's just not practical in the long term.

Regarding the next two trends, one surprises us, and one doesn't---
The over the stove microwave is, well, over. Still seems like a practical place to put it to us, but maybe it is just not pretty enough. As kitchens become really recognized as "the new Family Room" maybe there is not a place for something that is just basically utilitarian. It is not attractive, you don't stand there and watch things become beautiful brown and toasty, or get lulled into a trance from the incredible smells emanating from it. It just does it's job, fast, and it's over.

Here's one that surprises no one: the kitchen desk is out. Well known as the place that everything gets put down on and never touched again, the kitchen desk has almost never been used as a de facto desk, just an area that must be cleared up and cleaned up before company comes over. Is ANYONE sorry to see the end of the kitchen desk? We think not.

With all of the looks and trends that are on the way out, you may ask, "What is coming in?"

Well, there are some fun ones. Let's look-

In general, anything "organic" is in, and by this we don't mean grown without chemicals, but organic in form or nature. Shape as well as composition-- cotton and linen, for instance, instead of nylon and rayon. This applies to everything, from sofa cushions and dinnerware to swimming pools. Real plants in the home, carpet fibers that are nubby, lines that are softer, wood floors that are more matte and natural looking versus highly shiny. Handmade pottery and ceramics are SO in. 

Wallpaper is back! It is new and improved, and often available in a removable, and even reusable, form. And there are some gorgeous prints and patterns! What could be better? Well, maybe our wall product Vercade, which is a wood or stone look product made specifically for wall applications. Super easy and very attractive. We have a wall of it in the store-- come and see it! But, wallpaper! Mostly available on the internet, and we are happy to see it back on the market!

Lastly, arches and other architecturally interesting shapes are BIG! Arches, lanterns, raindrops, hexagons, rhombus, these are all shapes that we are seeing in carpets, and especially in tile. We are swooning over these! Floor, backsplash, accent wall-- wherever you want to put something beautiful and unique, we've got youcovered. Come and see!
What's New In The Design Center
We've been busy receiving new products and updating the showroom with new displays.  It's truly "out with the old and in with the new!" If you have not been in lately, you will want to be sure to see beautiful new carpets from KarastanTuftexMohawk, and DreamWeaver.  The patterned designs are gorgeous! We have a new laminate area featuring the new Mohawk RevWood Plus and RevWood Select waterproof styles. We also have new porcelain and ceramic tiles from Mohawk.  Come in today and replace your outdated floors with these very in floors!

I Was Floored By Enhance
Samantha in Sandy Springs writes:
"Enhance Floors put down some vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen and laundry room. They were very professional. They answered all our questions whenever we had anything. They went the extra mile to make sure we were happy with the job, and we were. They're A+."

Thank you for the nice review, Samantha.  And we appreciate the recent referral of your neighbor.  Enjoy your floors and spending your Decorating Dollars!

Don't know what Decorating Dollars are? This is a great program where we reward you for referring your friends, family, and neighbors to us, and you get a certificate for 5% of their total purchase.  It could not be any easier to get in on this---no coupons to clip, no loyalty cards to sign up for, just refer Enhance Floors to people you know that are beginning home improvement projects!  And there is no limit to how many Decorating Dollars you can receive. Keep referring us until YOUR next purchase is free!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Countertops Have Come a Long Way Baby!

One of the subjects that we get a lot of questions about is countertops, what kinds there are, how they are different, and what we recommend. Here's the 411:

When kitchens first took the leap of being an actual room as opposed to being the area around a fireplace hearth, countertops were made from either wood or stone, because that was what was available. 

In the earliest days of kitchens, the pantry was in a separate location-- the kitchen was the room where the work was done only, and it was not intended for any other purpose.  There may or may not have been running water, and the heating for cooking was primitive.

This kitchen shows a worktable and the piece that today we call a Hoosier cabinet. The Hoosier cabinet was used for baking preparation, and stored flour in a bin that dispensed it directly into a bowl, and usually had an enameled pullout countertop. These were all the countertop cooks had-- imagine having to make do with that now! 

Fortunately, things have improved a great deal! After the wood and enameled countertops, there was Formica, which was commonly being used in kitchens by 1920. Also, in this same era, kitchen storage had moved more into the kitchen itself, along with cabinets. Kitchens became more a part of the design of a home, evolving into more of a family space, versus a room that was strictly utilitarian. From both of the older pictures featured here, it appears that white has always been a popular cabinet color, and it still is today!

Through the years, we have seen the arrival (and sometimes the departure) of lots of countertop materials. There has been butcher block (still around but less common) and tile, which we see used occasionally, but usually as a budget-saving attempt. Formica laminates are also still available, and are a less expensive choice, but with some definite drawbacks. It does not tolerate liquids well at the seams, and also can be chipped or cut pretty easily. Formica might be a good choice for a couple just starting out in their first home, and can be upgraded fairly easily in a few years. Corian came along in the 80's and is still available, but again, not used very often, as there are much more practical materials at the same price.

We offer Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Quartzite countertops.  Let's look at what these are, and how they differ:

Granite is a natural stone. It is mined and cut from the earth in huge blocks. Granite is an igneous rock. This means that it is volcanic in origin. Rather than flowing out of a volcano, granite forms underground when magma solidifies gradually without reaching the surface. Because it cools more slowly than erupted magma, it contains distinct and visible crystal patterns. Varied crystal sizes occur when the rock cools at different rates; faster cooling yields smaller crystal sizes.  The various colors of granite are due to the differing proportions of minerals contained in the stone. 

Once mined, large blocks of granite are then further cut down into slabs, usually at the quarry, by giant saws, which have dozens of equally spaced parallel blades. The blocks are loaded into the saw and the entire block is cut into multiple slabs simultaneously-a process that may require 40 to 50 hours.  Slabs are either 3/4 or 1 1/4 inches thick (2 or 3 cm). The slabs are bundled together to ensure that buyers can choose multiple slabs that are similar, because even within one type of granite there can be huge variations. There is a wide range of granite pricing, generally based upon availability/scarcity of the stone and the country of origin.  Where the stone is quarried also affects the pricing. For example, blue-toned granite is said to come from deeper beneath the earth's surface, making it rarer and more costly. Granite countertops need to be sealed regularly, and are susceptible to stains.  

One of the reasons that Quartz is popular is that, being man made, it can be counted on to be more consistent in color and pattern from one piece to the next. Quartz countertops are formed by combining 90% ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard granite-like surface. The appearance depends on how the quartz is ground: coarsely ground quartz produces a flecked appearance, while finely ground quartz produces a smooth look.
Quartz is very easy to live with, as it never needs sealing, is difficult to stain, and is very scratch resistant.   You do need to be careful about placing hot pots and pans directly on quartz, as the resins cannot handle high temperatures; always use a trivet or hot pad.  Quartz is slightly more expensive than granite.

Marble has long been considered the top-of-the-line of countertops. It is beautiful, and more expensive than most granite. And it is also softer and more porous than granite & quartz. It stains and etches easily, and is best for two types of people: who barely cook or are totally manic about cleaning in the kitchen, or those who are relaxed and easygoing and see a stain or a mark as a memory, like that time Uncle Ernie spilled the bottle of red wine-- oh what fun!

If any of these describe you- go for Marble- it gives the kitchen a look you just can't get anywhere else!

The last type of countertop we sell is Quartzite. Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. Through a process of high heating and pressurization sandstone is transformed into Quartzite, an extremely strong and durable natural stone. When heated, individual quartz pieces recrystallize giving it a beautiful and decorative sparkling pattern. Quartzite is harder than granite and marble, but is still a natural stone that must be sealed. It is expensive, but gorgeous! It has some of the prettiest features of both granite and marble:  the crystal-like, dimensional look of granites, and the colors and movement of marble. It really must be seen in person to appreciate its beauty!

It is impossible to say that one type of countertop is better than another. There are so many factors to consider- and we ask questions to try to help you decide which works best for you.

Come in and let us show you our gorgeous countertops!
And remember- if you are hoping to have a beautiful new kitchen to show off during the holidays, NOW is when you should do something about it! Nothing happens overnight, regardless of how it appears on HGTV. So, come on in and let's get started!

How Much Does It Cost?
Ball park price ranges for a medium sized kitchen, not including plumbing are:
Granite $3000 to $4000 installed
Quartz $4500 to $5000
Marble $4000 to $5500 installed
Quartzite $7000 to $8000 installed

Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Reason Many Things Are Costing More

How Do The Chinese Tariffs Affect You?
Tariffs have been all over the news--- we just reached an agreement with Mexico and negotiations with the Chinese have been going on for months.  The US and the Chinese government are still not happy with each other, so the full tariffs on Chinese imports have now taken effect.

For the everyday consumer, what does this mean? By doing a little sleuthing, we find out that the influence of buying Chinese products is everywhere in our lives. If you shop almost anywhere, you are almost certainly buying something produced, or at the very least, processed, in China.

Researching goods that are imported into the US was a real eye opener. According to US Census data, in 2018 the US imported from China goods in the amount of $539.5 billion. The items included everything from food to toys to chemicals to furniture, electronics... well, you name it, it was there! And in case you were wondering, that is more than we import from South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ireland, and Switzerland COMBINED!

We export our products to China as well, but not nearly as much as we import. In 2018, we exported $120.3 billion worth of goods to China.  FYI the goods that we ship to China are heavily taxed (tariffed) by the Chinese government as well. Soybeans, aircraft, and cotton are a few of our leading exports to China.

What does it mean, that we have imposed tariffs on each other?
In the simplest form, it means that Chinese goods coming into the United States are charged a tariff, or tax, that is paid by the seller, but ultimately drives the price of the merchandise higher. The rationale behind purposely making Chinese goods more expensive is two-fold. First, it will make the Chinese goods a little less desirable, thus hurting sales.   Secondly, hopefully, it will encourage US consumers to buy more American made products as the Chinese made products will no longer be cheaper. Consequently, we Americans will start and support more of our own businesses producing those types of goods (theoretically.)

China then took measures to counteract the effect of our tariffs.  In addition to imposing its own tariffs on U.S. imports to China, the country devalued its own currency. That had the effect of making Chinese products cheaper, relative to the U.S.  "Of course, that's going to nullify some of the intended effect, which is to shift American producers and consumers away from Chinese goods," says Menzie Chinn, an economics professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Also, China has aggressively sought to replace American products by going to other countries, such as purchasing soybeans from Brazil and from Russia.

This is a global poker game, with the goal of getting China to start buying more of our products. China has the second-biggest economy in the world, and responds to incentives more than to nice words. These tariffs give China an incentive to negotiate, and agreeing to import more of our products is the goal.  China's first reaction was to retaliate. That's just posturing. Remember, this is a high stakes poker game.
Once all is hashed out, China will be buying more American goods and WE will be buying more American goods, which is ultimately a good thing. But right now, we are paying more money for many consumer products.

What Does This Have To Do With Flooring?
Fortunately, almost all of the carpets we carry are manufactured in the US, most of them right here in Georgia, near Dalton, "The Carpet Center of the World".  So-- no impact there! However, about half of our wood products, and almost all of our vinyl products, come from China. This means that prices on these two categories have gotten higher. A LOT higher. They went up some when the original tariffs went into effect in September, but then when the second wave of tariffs went into effect in May prices went up again. Manufacturers and retailers are attempting to soften the blow to the consumer this time by absorbing some of the increase, but average consumers are still going to see and feel the differences. Totally out of our control. We don't like it anymore then you do, but there it is.

We do still offer 12 month interest free financing for purchases over $5000, which can be very helpful, while our governments work out the new trade agreements.

How Much Does It Cost?
Not everything has gone up, and not everything is super expensive.  We just installed a large (almost 1000 square feet) basement in builders grade carpet.  Not top-of-the-line, but perfect for the use these rooms will get. The price was $2200, which included a very nice new pad, pull-up and disposal of the existing carpet and pad, and moving the furniture.

Summertime Is A Great Time To Get Things Done
Make the most of your summer! For teachers, this is your window of opportunity- and it will snap shut before you know it. We do a lot of work in the summer for teachers who now have the time to catch a breath and spend some time thinking about their home. New floors, kitchen updates, bathroom remodels, these are all easily managed in the next 6 weeks. Yes, that's right- 6 glorious weeks from now, most of our wonderful teachers will be back in the classroom.

Cobb County students go back to class on August 1st, as do Cherokee County students. Fulton starts later this year, on August 12. Then their next breaks will be Fall Break, and suddenly it will be Thanksgiving! If you are planning on a family gathering at your home for Turkey Day, the clock is ticking!

Whether you are a teacher or not, come on in and see all the wonderful new products we have. The carpets are beautiful, and we have some gorgeous new wood floors for you, low gloss, wide plank. And the vinyls and laminates just keep improving all the time! We'd love to help you with your new floors!

Design Tip
Looking for a few new accessories to update your décor this summer?  Think ceramic! Organic style ceramics with subtle patterns and an artisanal element are trending. Look for embossed jugs and vases and fill them full of pretty blooms and foliage.  Natural colors (white, cream, bone), blush pink and jet black are the poplar colors this summer.

I Was Floored By Enhance
One of our very favorite couples ever wrote this nice review:
"We highly recommend using Enhance Floors & More for remodeling your home. They installed hardwood floors in our entire downstairs, installed granite countertops and backsplash in our kitchen, and painted our kitchen cabinets. The whole experience was a pleasure. The salespeople were helpful and listened to us. When Don gave our estimates, he gave great suggestions and explained the process well. The work was scheduled seamlessly, and the installers were prompt and did a fabulous job. They paid great attention to detail and were very efficient and professional. The work quality was excellent. Our salespeople who worked with us followed up to make sure we were satisfied. The prices were very reasonable. Our experience was a very positive one! We look forward to working with the Enhance Floors & More again soon."

Thank you very much, Mr. and Mrs. Miller.  You were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to your next project!