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Monday, February 20, 2012

What's New At Enhance

Ceramic tile that looks like wood! Some of our clients really want wood floors but know it is just not practical for them. This could be for reasons like heavy traffic, large dogs, fading concerns, and high moisture levels. One of the biggest style trends this year is porcelain tile that realistically mimics the look of various types of hardwood. Now you have the beauty of wood and the long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance of porcelain. We have new styles from Daltile, Mohawk, and Marazzi. If you are thinking about new wood floors but worry about how the wood will perform, stop by our Design Center and ask to see these great looking styles.

This Is The Way We Wash Our Clothes, Wash Our Clothes

We found this informative article on If it is time for a new washing machine, do you choose top loading or front loading? Both have advantages and disadvantages:
~~Wear and tear on clothing: Front loading machines tumble clothes in and up and down motion similar to hand washing. Most top loaders use a central agitator to move clothing in a circle causing more wear and tear.
~~Water use: Front loading machines typically use less water per load.
~~Detergent use: Front loading washers must use specially formulated low-sudsing formulas, marked "he" for high-efficient washers.
~~Energy use: Since front loading washers use less water, they are the most energy efficient. Using less water also means less fuel use when using hot water. However, both top- and front-load machines that have an Energy Star use 30% less energy and 50% less water than other current models.
~~Comfort in loading/unloading: Front loading washers require bending to load and unload, just like a dryer.
~~Adding laundry during a cycle: Many front loaders lock while in use to prevent water overflow prohibiting the addition of last-minute laundry.
~~Space utilization: Front loading washers can be stacked with a dryer to fit into closets or small areas.
~~Purchase price: Front loading washers are significantly higher in price than a top loader.
There are savings in energy costs but it will take many years to realize the savings.

Which Should I Do First, Paint Or The New Floor?

Many of our clients ask us this. We find that for hard surface flooring (wood, tile, laminate) it is best to do the floors first. A reputable painter will not have any problems protecting and not damaging your brand new floors. By doing the painting last, you don't have to worry about touch-up painting or painting your primed shoemold. However, we find that with new carpet, most people paint first. Please be aware that if you paint first, no matter how careful we are, there will still be some touch-up painting required after installation.

Monday, February 13, 2012

We CAN Afford That!

What if you had 3 years to pay for the bathroom makeover of your dreams?

Or got new hardwood floors for your family room for less than $75 per month?

Or super soft new carpet for the bedrooms,

enjoyed for years,
and paid for over 36 months?

And what if you paid 0% interest for these smart investments in your home?


Enhance Floors & More is pleased to offer
36 months interest free financing
on all regular priced installed purchases
now until February 29.

That's right~~~get your new floors,
or granite countertop, or kitchen
and bathroom makeover today
and take 3 years to pay!

Call or come in today and discuss your project
with an Enhance Floors Design Consultant.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How Much Does it Cost?

We have had quite a few clients in the showroom recently with the exact same situation:
"We have been in our home for twenty years and have not done a thing. It is time for an update!"

Does this describe you?

Many of us have realized that we will be in our homes a few more years because now is probably not the best time to sell. And if the house needs to be updated, why not do it now and you enjoy it instead of spending the money for somebody else?

We thought you might be interested in the prices of some typical installations we have completed over the past year. This may help you in planning your next home improvement project. These prices are all inclusive (turn-key) including sales tax.

~~~Family room (303 sq ft) in new site finished hardwoods and refinishing the existing wood in the kitchen with breakfast room, dining room, hall, mudroom and foyer (650 sq ft) $4556
~~~The entire house (family room, dining room, bonus room, three bedrooms, closets, hall and stairs 2005 sq ft) installed in a medium quality carpet $5757
~~~Basement (two rooms) with stairs 653 sq ft in medium quality "cut and loop" carpet $1904
~~~Family room (352 sq ft) in top-of-the-line designer carpet $1510
~~~Four bedrooms, hall, and closets (1205 sq ft) in top quality carpet $4850
~~~Living room, dining room, kitchen breakfast area, hall, foyer, and bath (748 sq ft) in prefinished solid oak hardwood floors $5529
~~~Most of the house (family room, dining room, three bedrooms, hall, foyer 1088 sq ft) in prefinished engineered flooring $7509
~~~Kitchen countertops in Santa Cecilia granite $2596
~~~Large kitchen (306 sq ft) in 18" porcelain tile $2438
~~~Kitchen backsplash in 4" tumbled stone $777
~~~Bathroom in porcelain floor and wall tile with decorative stone and glass border $2702
~~~Large kitchen, breakfast area, hall and bath (389 sq ft) in "best" quality laminate $2889
~~~New wrought iron balusters (54) installed on staircase $1539
~~~Staircase makeover with new treads and risers, new handrails and newel posts, and wrought iron balusters $5764
~~~Staircase changed from carpet to wood (15 stairs with primed risers) $2190

The Most Important Decorating Tip Ever

Do NOT pick your paint color first. There are thousands of paint colors to choose from. Start where you have the fewest choices and build from there. This may be the flooring, but sometimes it is something you cannot or do not want to change, like a piece of furniture, artwork, a stone fireplace, etc. We see so many clients that wait until after they have made all their other purchases and then come in to find the perfect floor. This can be mission impossible: over budget, limited options, and extreme frustration. Avoid this problem by selecting your flooring early in the process.