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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ready for new floors?  It is finally time during the big 
Mohawk Anniversary Sale, which is happening now through October 27th!

Have you been pining away for a new hardwood or tile floor for your kitchen?  It will be just the facelift your kitchen needs. What about the carpet in your bedroom that you've been longing to change? With a SmartStrand carpet, you no longer need to worry about drinking coffee in the bedroom, or letting your dogs run relay races around the room. It's time to treat yourself to a SmartStrand carpet in the color that you want, and feel confident that you're also getting the most comfortable, high quality, and stain resistant product on the market.

During the Mohawk Anniversary Sale, you'll receive discount pricing on carpet, hardwoods, porcelain and ceramic tile, and laminate and luxury vinyl flooring plus special 18 month interest free financing.  And if that's not enough to give you the nudge you need to make a home d├ęcor change, we're also offering instant rebates up to $500 on your Mohawk purchase!

Here are some of the features of the big sale in a fun multiple choice quiz format.  Let's see how you do!

The 18 Month Interest Free financing is:
A. only offered on Mohawk carpet purchases
B. only available on really big purchases
C. is available on any installed Mohawk ColorCenter flooring purchase over $1,500 including wood, tile, laminate, and LVT
Some of the Mohawk carpets are on sale 50% off.  These carpets are:
A. actually one ugly carpet that no one would want
B. remnants and discontinued carpets
C. a great selection of looks, patterns, and colors that are incredible values

You can receive a $500 instant rebate:
A. on purchases of 5,000 square feet or more
B. only if you purchase a solid hardwood
C. any hardwood, laminate, LVT, tile, or carpet (excluding the 50% off styles)  purchase of  at least 751 square feet for hard surfaces and 1,800 square feet of carpet

Instant rebates are given on:
A. the most expensive products
B. only to customers in the Mohawk VIP Club
C. all carpet styles excluding 50% off styles, as well as any Mohawk hardwood, laminate, tile or LVT

Did you detect a theme?  All the correct answers are c.  As you can see, now is a great time to buy for big savings.  And there is still plenty of time to get your home updated with new flooring before the holidays, so call, click or come by today and meet with an Enhance Floors Design Consultant to begin the process.

Only A Few More Days

We will be open in our current location on Sandy Plains Road thru the end of the day Monday, September 22.  Then we begin moving!  We will open in our new location on Roswell Road (near the 120 Loop) on Saturday, September 27.  We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful new Design Center in the Restaurant Depot Shopping Center at 1847 Roswell Road, Marietta 30062.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Are You An HGTV Lover?

One of the great things about the extra space we will have in the new Design Center is being to bring in new product lines.  We think the one we are most excited about is the HGTV Home Collection.  You know what HGTV is, but you are probably wondering what HGTV Home is.  The idea was simple: Create collections of home products around a core design philosophy that make it easy for HGTV enthusiasts to create smart, stylish, inspired spaces. Pick a paint color and match it with a sofa. Add a table lamp, new carpet or wallpaper. It all works together and you don't have to be a designer or a TV host to get it right.

The experts at HGTV have created home product collections with one idea in mind: How to help you get the looks and styles you've seen on HGTV and  HGTV Home is smart, stylish home products such as paint, flooring, furniture and more from the experts at HGTV. HGTV has partnered with trusted, experienced brands like Bassett Furniture, Sherwin-Williams and Shaw Floors to bring you the very best in quality as well as style. It's all part of making sure every single product lives up to your expectations and the HGTV name.

We have been chosen as an aligned partner for HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw: extraordinary style in a vibrant selection of quality carpet, hardwoods, luxury vinyl and laminates. Get inspired and use these HGTV styles to create rooms in your home that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Want wood? HGTV®Home hardwoods come in many styles and with innovative technology that helps your floor look brand new longer. These incredibly strong, patented finishes give you permission to live on your hardwood floors.  Choose from traditional strip hardwoods, contemporary wide planks, and rustic textured woods.  In fact, the hand-scraped hardwoods from HGTV Home really are scraped by hand, not by machine, so there's a unique character to each skillfully worked plank. 

Make your house a home with carpet from our HGTV Home collection. These colorful carpets are beautiful, stylish and protected with R2X, a stain and soil repellent so you can enjoy your carpet instead of worrying about every spill.   Choose from super soft plushes, durable and practical textures, and beautiful patterned carpets.

Low-maintenance, eco-friendly and with the beauty of hardwood, HGTV® Home laminates are an affordable, stylish solution for busy families.  Some HGTV Home laminates have an exotic look that's greatly in demand-but the manufacturing process involves no rainforest destruction and is totally made in the USA.  HGTV Laminates are great for active families who want the look of real wood but with added durability and scratch resistance. 

HGTV Home also includes a stunning selection of Luxury Vinyl.  You may be thinking that coupling the word "luxury" with "vinyl" seems like an oxymoron. After all, vinyl flooring has long been associated with bargain installations. So why are we now seeing Luxury Vinyl in $2 million downtown condominiums? Answer: new technologies and totally realistic wood and stone visuals.  And some of the most gorgeous products we have seen are in the HGTV Home luxury vinyl collection.

We are super excited about the HGTV Home product line and know that these beautiful new styles will be exactly what you have been looking for.  We plan on being open in our new location on Saturday, September 27, so come see us that weekend and meet HGTV Home!

Watch Our Progress!
This week we are installing the floors in our new Design Center.  If you want to see a wide variety of flooring actually installed, you will love our new showroom:  five different carpets, thirteen hardwoods, three laminates, three luxury vinyls, and six different tiles.  And that is just on the floor!  Plus three different bathroom designs and large kitchen vignettes.

We plan on moving into our location in East Cobb in late September.   We will be increasing the size of our showroom by over 2000 square feet and will be bringing in exciting new product lines including HGTV Home, Masland Carpets, and Hunter Douglas Window Fashions.  Look for us in the Restaurant Depot Shopping Center on Roswell Road adjacent to the 120 Loop in Marietta.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall In Love With This Carpet

Coming Soon
Enhance Floors & More is moving into our new Design Center in late September.  We will be bringing in some new product lines and thought we would begin introducing you to them now.  First up is Masland Carpets.  Masland Carpets and Rugs has long been a favorite of Interior Designers and decorators and is recognized as the styling leader and producer of new original products. Masland products exemplify originality, innovative construction and color treatment as well as lasting beauty.

 Masland was founded in Pennsylvania in 1866 and still today boasts of its heritage as the leading and most fashion forward carpet manufacturer in the United States.  Masland's manufacturing and distribution plants measure over one million square feet. The facility has state of the art technology insuring quality throughout the manufacturing process.   Masland carpets aren't just floors; they are works of art!

You can sneak a peek at the beautiful Masland carpet styles on the Carpet Catalog on our website.  If you fall in love with one and just can't wait to see it, let us know and we will get the sample in early for you.

Choosing The Right Cabinets and Countertops for Your Kitchen's Style
Many clients are telling us that they are beginning to think about remodeling their kitchen.  The amount of options you have in designing your dream kitchen is enough to make your head explode.  So, how can you make the decision a little more manageable? The easiest way to whittle down your options is by establishing and sticking to your budget. Once you've done that, you'll want to identify the design style you want to achieve. From there it's all about selecting the material that works best with each aesthetic and fits your budget.  Some of todays most popular design concepts are:

Less is more:  the contemporary kitchen
When designing a contemporary kitchen the thing to remember is that it's all about simplicity. You'll want to consider shakercabinets for their sleek lines, multiple color options, and ability to pair well with nearly any type of hardware. Flat cabinets are also a nice option as they afford a simple, yet sophisticated look. As far as countertops are concerned, look at solid surface, concrete, stainless steel, or glass.

Anything goes: the eclectic kitchen. 
Built by combining elements from different time periods and different origins, eclectic design creates a unified look by fusing these styles. Which is to say, anything goes. When choosing cabinets, consider distressed, bead board, inset, or shaker style. Either work well with tile, butcher block, or laminate countertops. While eclectic can be harder to design, when done right it results in a wonderfully unique look.

Celebrating structure:  the modern kitchen. 
Not to be confused with contemporary design style, modern design refers to the style popularized from the 1920s through the 1950s. Most refer to the style as mid-century modern. If this is the look you're after, you'll want cabinets and countertops that create a sleek and simple look with strong lines. Consider flat cabinets with minimal hardware and laminate or solid surface countertops.

Keeping it classy:  the traditional kitchen. 
There's nothing trendy about a traditional kitchen. Classy and always in style, the traditional kitchen is all about celebrating craftsmanship and attention to detail. When looking at cabinets, focus your attention on shaker, inset, distressed, or thermofoil. Either option will look great when paired with granite, solid surface, marble, butcher block, or soapstone countertops.

The best of both styles:  the transitional kitchen. 
For many of us it can be hard to decide exactly what style we like best. If you're stuck between contemporary and traditional, transitional design is the style that would work best. Not surprisingly, transitional design is the go-to style for many homeowners as it offers the best of both traditional and contemporary design. Pair shaker cabinets with granite, quartz, laminate, or butcher block and you'll create a space that's clean and inviting.

At the end of the day, the best kitchen design is the design that works best for your tastes, your lifestyle, and your budget. And while it can feel like a daunting task, enlisting the help of a kitchen designer and a reputable kitchen contractor is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the kitchen you've always dreamed of is the kitchen that gets built.  Enhance Floors & More is here to help you every step of the way!

Why It Doesn't Pay To Be Cheap

Wanda found a great article on Mark Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate blog.  We loved it because his points are very relevant.  We hear over and over again that if the price is too good to be true it probably isn't, but human nature is to keep hoping that this time we have finally found a true bargain.  How do we know when the cheapest is not the best?  Mark writes:

"There is a predictable progression many of us go through as we make a decision to stop living beyond our means.  We get cheap.  In fact, some even call us cheapskates-a label that personally I enjoy because it proves that I'm not the person I used to be-a credit card junkie and a totally whacked out spendthrift.

It didn't take long for me to adopt a mindset that if cheap was good, then cheaper must be even better.  As noble as that thought might seem-and it pains me to admit it-that is not always true.  Sometimes the cheapest option ends up costing the most.  It's a wise person who can see the big picture not just the cash outlay on the front end.

Case in point:  Our house was in desperate need of paint.  Spending thousands of dollars to have it painted made me queasy.  So when one of the bids came in much lower than the others, I jumped on it.  I figured paint is paint.  We'd get the house painted and still have money in the bank.

It never looked that great, and we were very disappointed from the start.  Before even two years passed, the paint job failed.  The trim cracked and peeled, making our paint look 10 years old, not two.  By the time we reached the three-year mark, paint was falling in chunks from the stucco.  It was truly pathetic and we lived with that mess far longer than I like to admit.  I know now that our cheap paint job cost us far more in the long run than if we'd gone with the highest bid from the start.

There are other times when buying the most quality you can afford is the cheapest way to go.  Buying a mattress, putting on a new roof, dental care, a decent pair of shoes-all of these are places where you are likely to pay less in the long run by opting for the most quality you can afford at the outset.

So how do you know whether you should go for the most quality you can afford or the cheapest price you can find?  Ask, "How long do I want this item to last?"  If the answer is "As long as possible," that's a sign that you need to buy the most quality you can afford.  If your answer is something like, "Until the end of the wedding reception," you don't need quality.  You need to shift your thinking to finding the best-looking wedding dress at the cheapest price.  Who cares if the quality is so poor you couldn't make it down the aisle multiple times?

Knowing when to buy the most quality you can afford, and when to go for the cheapest price you can find, is a learned skill.  The more you practice, the better you'll get.  And the better you get, the more you will enjoy some of the finer things in life that will turn out to be the cheapest way to go, after all."

Look Who Came To See Us Last Week
If you are a long time Enhance client, we know you remember Sandra!  Sandra was our favorite employee from the late '80s til she retired in 2011.  She made so many friends in her 20 plus years at Enhance Floors & More.  Sandra and her dog Chloe came by to visit last week and we greatly enjoyed spending time with her and catching up.  We'd love you to respond to this newsletter and tell Sandra hello.  
We will pass your message along to her.  We know she will enjoying hearing from you!