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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beat The Holiday Rush

If you want to have your project completed before the holidays, now is the time to make your product selections and get on our installation schedule. Thanksgiving is only two months away!

Special Offer

If you are feeling overwhelmed with decorating your home, schedule an in-home design consultation. An experienced Enhance Floors & More Design Consultant will come to your house and help you put your new look together. Prices start at $75 for this helpful service. And remember, consultations in our showroom are always free. Just bring in your fabric and paint swatches, kitchen drawer, maybe some pictures, and spend time with a Showroom Design Consultant for complementary decorating assistance.

Design Basics

A reader writes that she is confused about warm and cool colors and why this is important in design. This is a fairly complex subject, because lighting, saturation, and hue can all make a color go cooler or warmer. Colors can also be either cool or warm (for example, green) depending upon the undertone. A quick overview of color theory:

Warm colors are yellow based. Warm colors are vivid in nature and tend to be associated with daylight or sunset. Warm colors are bold and energetic, vibrant and lively. Many warm colors are “earthy.” Examples of warm colors are
*brown *yellow *orange *yellowish green
*ecru *black *tan *gold
*beige *red *pink *off white
*terra cotta
Homeowners love warm colors. Most wood and stone colors are warm. Iron and leather are warm. Metals are polished, brushed, or antiqued and include gold, brass, bronze, and copper. If an element in your design needs to pop out, consider using warm colors to do that. Warm colors are great for social rooms such as your kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Cool colors are blue based. Cool colors are associated with a gray or overcast day. Cool colors give an impression of calm and rarely overpower the main content or message of a design. Cool colors are soothing and tend to recede. Examples of cool colors are
*white *ivory *silver *gray
*blue *bluish green *violet *purple
Cool metals include aluminum, chrome, nickel, and silver. If some element of your design needs to be in the background, give it cool tones. Use cool colors in a bathroom or bedroom to evoke serenity and comfort.

As you decorate, first decide if you want the room to be warm or cool. The majority of color in the room should be either warm or cool. Can cool and warm home decorating colors be mixed? Yes, but sparingly. A good rule to follow is to pick one color from the other group and repeat the color at least twice and no more than three times.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Design Tips

Fall is in the air. We think we are all ready for autumn after this long hot summer. These are a few easy and inexpensive ideas to decorate your home for fall.
**Indian corn, pine cones and gourds can be festive decorations that fit well from the beginning of September until Thanksgiving. Pick some that are unique in shape and color and gather some in a basket to put on your floor in a corner or on your kitchen table. Tiny pumpkins and gourds can be tied with fall colored ribbons and scattered about the house.
**Put a festive fall table cloth on your table. Solid colors of crimson, burnt orange or yellow look fantastic when you put on a centerpiece of gourds, corn, colored leaves or flowers.
**Fill a basket with apples. Fresh picked from the North Georgia mountains, of course!
**For a simple and beautiful fall arrangement that will last throughout the season, place a perfect single pumpkin on a platter or wooden tray. Add branches of silk leaves, a few ears of dried corn, sprigs of wheat, and dried berries for the finishing touches.
**Be sure to spread some potpourri about the house. Pumpkin potpourri brings a wonderful fall scent into the home and its colors are perfect for your fall d├ęcor as well.
**Burn lots of candles. Candles bring a nice warmth to your house when the air starts to get chilly.
**Mums are the perfect fall foliage for your home. Mums are quite inexpensive and come in beautiful fall colors of yellow, crimson, mauve and purple. A huge pot on your fireplace hearth will create that fall feeling.

Did You Know?

This is the 25 year anniversary of Enhance Floors & More. What a milestone! And to celebrate, we are having a great sale with 25% off savings on a wide variety of products. Visit the showroom today to discuss your home improvement wish list with a Design Consultant. There is no better time than now during our Anniversary Sale to make your dreams a reality!

What's New At Enhance

We now have a great “handy man” on our staff that can take care of all those projects around the house that you can never seem to get to. Make a To Do list and call or email us and set up a free estimate.

Our Clients Are Telling Us

John and Maribel in Marietta love their new handscraped hardwood floors and say everything is perfect. Maribel adds that the installers were wonderful. Roger and Nancy in Cumming say the new laminate tile floors are beautiful and that the installers were great. Mary Ann in Marietta says great job! The new wood and tile looks wonderful and the guys were very professional. And Dan and Jeanne in Roswell tell us that Enhance will always be their source for floors. “Everybody has been so very nice and helpful.” That’s what we are here for. Thank you, everyone!