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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Is Here!

Finally! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing. Everything just feels better. Spring is "out with the old, and in with the new." Happy spring, everybody!

What's New At Enhance?

2011 flooring updates are arriving daily. See the newest styles and colors at Enhance Floors & More. Recent additions include new Mohawk ceramic and porcelain tiles selections (be sure to see the beautiful glass mosaics!) and QuickStep and Mohawk wood laminates. If you are ready for your new floor, you'll want to consider thses great new looks.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are seeing renewed interest in kitchen and bathroom remodels. WE thought we would share with you some typical costs so that you have a realistique budget if updating your kitchen or bath is in your plans. These figures are from REMODELING magazine's 2010--11 nationwide survey.

The average cost of a midrange bathroom remodel was $16,34. This includes new fixtures, a new vanity cabinet, faucets, coutnertops, tile and labor (plumbing, electrical, etc.) An "upscale" bathroom remodel was $53,759.

You may be wondering what the difference between midrange and upscale. The quality and cost of the materials used is the main factor to determine if the redo is considered midrange or upscale.

A minor kitchen remodel averaged $21,695. A major kitchen remodel was $58,367. An upscale kitchen renovation averaged $113,464. Again, these are all-includsive prices, including new appliances, countertops, sink and faucet, flooring and paint.

What is the distinction between a minor and major kitchen remodel? Primarily what is done with the cabinets. A major kitchen remodel includes new cabinets. A minor remodel does not include changing the cabinet boxes, only either refacing or refinishing the cabinets, or painting, faux painting, or glazing the existing cabinets.

Can I Use One Of Those Steam Cleaners Advertised On TV On My Wood Flooring?

No, no, no. We average at least one call a week from a client asking this question. As per the National Wood Floor Association: "Everyone has seen the commercials showing a steam cleaner magically sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing, and cleaning a wood floor. But that doesn't mean that wood flooring manufacturers or finish manufacturers think steam cleaners are appropriate for a wood floor; in fact, some have begun to specifically mention steam cleaners in their list of don'ts'. Inspectors are also starting to come across floors that appear to have been destroyed by repeated steam cleaner use. Pealing finish, whitening finish and cloudy finish are just some of the side effects being reported by people looking at floors after steam cleaning. In general, the oft-repeated industry saying "Water and wood don't mix" holds true.

Our Clients Are Telling Us

Marcia and Rick in Kennesaw are enjoying the minor midrange bathroom redo we just completed for them. They say "very good job!" and added that our guys were great and very professional.

Kreig in Marietta is very happy with her new carpet and says that our installers were gentlemen.

Anne in Marietta mentions that the lovely lady in our showroom was very helpful in selecting the matching wood and that she was delightful to talk with. Anne noted that our installers were professional, courteous, and respectful of her home and cleaned up completely when they were finished.

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