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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Making Your Home Look More Expensive

Who wouldn't want to make your home look more high-end?  Whether you are planning to put your home on the market, or you are just ready to upgrade for your own pleasure, here are some tips that will help. Most are very affordable; some just require a little elbow grease. On a very few, you may want to call in a professional, depending on your comfort level with power tools.
~Frame those builder-original bathroom mirrors. There are kits to do this, or find instructions on Pinterest.
~Change out all the doorknobs into one consistent finish. If you are like many people, you have simply gone to the big box store and bought a new doorknob whenever you needed one without any concern about consistency, so that by now you have gotten a motley crew of different shapes and finishes. Simply changing them out to one style and finish will make your home look more pulled together.
~While you're in framing mode, go ahead and build a frame around your flat screen TV over the mantel. You can do this with painted molding, or get creative with pallet wood.
~And speaking of mantels- does yours need to be replaced? There are a lot of great looks out there now- a natural stone slab, a big plank, or even just bigger, can really change the look of the fireplace.
~If you don't have a TV over your fireplace, be sure you do have art in some form- and big enough to matter. Remember that your mantel is a focal point, and be sure it makes a statement!
~The art in your other spaces should be large enough as well. If you don't have a large piece you like, consider making a gallery style wall, displaying several pieces. And this can include pieces other than framed art, by the way. Consider interesting mirrors, small shelves topped by objects, decorative items that can be hung, beautiful plates, or sconces.
~Other things that can be used in gallery groupings of art are a framed piece of beautiful stationery or a great card, or a gorgeous piece of fabric.  A great idea for a baby girl's room is a shadowbox of a confirmation dress, along with the veil and gloves, and a small nosegay of sweetheart roses.
~And put some nice art and a good rug in the bathroom, for goodness sake!
~Add a small lamp any little place for ambience- in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on a small table in the hall. I especially love lamps in the dining room, with the chandelier on a rheostat and turned low.
~Does your chandelier need updating? This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective changes possible. Get a nice big one, and hang approximately 30 inches above the table.
~Keep your sights upward. Could your ceilings use a fresh coat of paint? Maybe a very very light blue. More vibrant ceiling colors are also gaining popularity recently-
~You can paint ceiling fans too! That burnished brass look is so dated! Use Rustoleum or something similar to paint the body of the fan, and either paint or replace the blades.
~Are your other ceiling fixtures outdated? Check out the wonderful drum shades that fit over those fixtures- just remove the domed glass.
~Hang your drapes higher and wider. New ones can be very reasonable, if you do a little searching, or sew a wide band at the bottom to lengthen them. And new rods can be as easy as painted PVC.
~Trim out your windows if they are not trimmed already. Buy molding at the hardware store and cut the corners to match. This is very similar to the work you'll do on framing your mirrors, so coordinate the timing and save yourself some time!
~You can also trim out flat builder grade interior doors. Use Liquid Nails, as most of those are hollow-core. In some cases, a full-length mirror (framed) would be a nice addition to a flat door.
~Still have light oak balusters and handrails on your stairs? CAREFULLY stain (lightly sand first) them a darker hue!
~Intake grilles for your AC system can be upgraded with a pretty piece of decorative metal grille, available at your hardware store.  And by now you've been there enough for them to do you a favor and cut it to the right size!
~And the old vent covers can be painted. Use Rustoleum and spray them, or if you painted your ceiling, brush them the same color and then smooth with a small roller.
~Consider painting the back of your bookshelves an accent color, or lining with a great fabric.
~Look for single accent items in marble. Use alone or as part of a vignette.
~Switch plates can be improved by embellishing them with a small store-bought picture frame, painted to match, or decorated. Craft stores and garage sales can be great sources for these.
~Outlet plates can also be spray painted to be less conspicuous, or covered with wallpaper to match your room.
~Easiest one EVER: bring home a few potted plants. Put in decorative pots, and use singly or group them.
~Pare down what you have on those bookshelves. Consider them an opportunity to highlight your prized possessions rather than storage.

We Won!

Enhance Floors & More was recently awarded the Angie's List 2015 Super Service Award.  This is an award based on superior service.  Only 5% of all contractors receive this award.  Every day we strive to provide expert assistance and top quality installations to our clients.  It is so nice to know it is being noticed!

The Desk In Your Kitchen
Many homes built in the 80s and 90s have a built-in desk in the kitchen.  What was once an area used to conduct business has now become a place to store books, bills and anything else that doesn't really belong in the kitchen.  If you have a desk in your kitchen, how many times have you really used this space? 

Over the years, technology has greatly changed the way that we organize and store all of our information. Consider using your kitchen desk space as a mini coffee bar or a technology/charging station, or totally remove it and repurpose the space.  Chances are your kitchen desk only takes up needed space in your kitchen that could be used for better purposes.

Design Tip 
Create a new favorite spot on your deck or patio by adding a suspended chair or seat.  Choices include traditional porch swings, hammock style chairs, and wicker "pod" chairs.  Add colorful seat cushions and pillows and a close-by table for your frosty cold drink, and enjoy your outdoor happy place!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Buyer's or Seller's Market?

Are You Buying?  Selling?
If you are thinking about purchasing or selling your home, it is always good to know if it is a Buyer's or a Seller's Market.  Everything we are hearing is that Cobb County is definitely a Seller's Market.  We thought we'd share this newsletter from our friend Sean Trombetti, a local Mortgage Broker.
"From what I'm seeing and hearing, be ready to offer full price if you are looking at homes this Spring and Summer. As I sit hear writing this article, I can say that maybe half of the pre-qualification letters that I am writing for my clients involve transactions where it's under a "highest and best offer" situation. Homes are
moving quickly and in my opinion, if you don't want to lose out on a home perfect for you and your family, be prepared to offer full price assuming the home is priced correctly and in good condition. Sellers are rejecting offers that don't come to their full or close to their full asking price and with school starting earlier this year in some counties, it has created a sense of urgency in the marketplace.

Another area where sellers seem to be reluctant is in handling repair amendments requested by the buyer's agent during due diligence. If the repair is minor and doesn't affect the home's integrity, then most sellers are refusing to address it. So all this leads me to say that currently it is a seller's market."
We are seeing and hearing that if a home is priced correctly based on location, condition, and the updates needed, the house will sell quickly.  Enhance Floors & More can help you update your home so that you can sell for full price.  Or if you found a great deal on a home that needs some TLC, we can assist you in getting it move-in ready. 

Design Tip
Sometimes people opt out of window treatments because they want the maximum amount of light to come through or they don't want to block a view. These are good ideas in theory but it's actually a huge mistake. Window treatments, whether it's curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters, or something else altogether, are necessary decorative elements that help a space look finished. They act as frames for the windows and they provide wonderful decorating opportunities. They can really help set the tone of a room and they should never be left out. Keep in mind there are tons of wonderful options for treatments that allow in light, and when open don't block views, so don't be afraid to include them on each and every window.

Enhance Floors & More is an authorized Hunter Douglas dealer and can help you select the right window treatment for your d├ęcor, lifestyle, and budget.  Our selection of window treatments includes blinds, shutters, and many different types of shades available in a wide variety of fabrics and woods.  Hunter Douglas window fashions have a lifetime warranty and are regarded as the highest quality in the industry.