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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Miss Out

If you are ready for new floors in your home and like the idea of affordable monthly payments with zero interest charges, now is the time to buy. During Mohawk Anniversary Month we are able to offer our clients 36 month interest free financing on Mohawk products.

We did a little math and discovered that if you purchase $5,000 in beautiful new floors and take advantage of the three year financing, your payment is only $4.57 per day. You can spend that at the convenience store on coffee and a snack!

You will be surprised how much floor $5,000 will buy during this big sale: your entire house in new carpet, two to three rooms in hardwood floors, even a complete bathroom makeover in tile! Hurry in —the 36 month special financing and sale prices absolutely end Monday, October 31.

The Schedule Fills Up Fast . . . .

There is certain work that we do (sanding and finishing hardwood floors, staircase renovations, bathroom makeovers) that are very difficult to complete with a family living in the home while the work is being performed. Many clients choose to undertake these projects while they are on vacation. For this reason, our installation calendar fills up very quickly during school break weeks. Cobb, Cherokee, and Fulton Counties are all on Thanksgiving Break the week of November 21. If you are planning on having an involved project done while you are away, we encourage you to schedule your installation dates as soon as possible.

Thinking About Painting?

Is painting on your “to do” list of tasks to complete before the holidays? A recent study of Interior Designers reveals today’s “in” colors are:
~greys (dark, stone, charcoal)
~greens (teal, blue-green, olive, sage, pale)
~earth tones (camel, taupe, tan, natural)
~blues (turquoise, green-blue, bright, tropical)
~browns (chocolate, dark, mushroom)
~fire colors (reds, oranges, gold, copper, magenta, pink, yellow, coral)
~barely colors (white, ecru, cream)

There are a few of these colors that are seldom used as paint colors. If you are drawn to colors like bright blue or magenta, use it as an accent color in a rug, pillow, throw, or accessory in the room.

As you select your new paint color, if you will also be changing your flooring in the future, please choose the flooring before you select the paint. Start where you have the fewest choices (flooring) and work up to where you have the most (paint.) We unfortunately see clients every week who have already painted that have a very difficult time finding a flooring color that works with their paint choice.

You can avoid this dilemma by selecting flooring and paint at the same time. Just let us know that you will not be able to have your new floor installed right away and our Design Consultants will suggest newer styles that should not be discontinued in the near future. (Unfortunately, this is the fashion industry and there are no guarantees.) Be sure to keep a small swatch of the new floor you selected in the event the product is discontinued you will have the sample that your paint selection was based on. That will assist your Consultant in finding a new style that will blend well with your paint color.

By the way, Enhance Floors & More has a great painter on staff. We can assist you with home improvement projects all around the house!