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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Have You Looked At The Calendar?

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids
If you need some ideas for your children, here's a quick list of this year's popular Halloween costumes:
    --Disney princess           

    --Batman character   
    --animal (cat, dog, monkey)       
    --Star Wars character
    --Marvel superhero

Thanksgiving Countdown
If you are hosting the family Thanksgiving Dinner, now is the time to get organized.  The big day is 6 weeks from tomorrow. Of course, the more you can do ahead of time, the more pleasant and less stressed the day will be.

A few things to do now:
~~walk thru your house with a critical eye. What home improvement projects do you need to begin on right away? Painting, new flooring, quick kitchen updates like granite countertops and a new backsplash, outdoor projects and yard work?  What can you do yourself and what do you need     professional help with?

~~if out-of-town family will be spending the holiday with you, sleep in your guest bedroom one night.  Is the mattress comfortable?  What is missing that you need to add to the room: an alarm clock, table lamp, nightlight, small television?

~~schedule an appointment to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned, and schedule maid service for that week.  The calendars of service providers fill up very quickly this time of year!

~~watch for sales and coupons of nonperishable items and stock up now.  Canned cranberry sauce, frozen vegetables, cake mixes---why pay more later?

Fast 5 Design Tips
~~Tiles laid on the diagonal will visually enlarge a room - making a small space look bigger. Also, closely matching the grout color to the tiles will expand the look of the room.

~~Use the rule of 3 as you decorate:  3 candles, 3 pictures, 3 pillows.  Two can be too formal, and four can be too many.

~~Need a quick room update?  Buy a new rug and cover as much of your current floor covering as possible. Worn, stained carpet or beat-up hardwood floors disappear under your beautiful new rug.
~~Every room needs a focal point, which is the one thing the eye is immediately drawn toward (it also drives the design ofthe room). Examples of decorative focal points are a fireplace, a four-poster bed, or an interesting piece of furniture.
~~Dark-stained or ebony hardwood floors are popular, but know that they show dirt, pet hair, and "dust bunnies" faster than medium- or light-stained floors.

Ask The Expert
I am thinking about new wood floors for my home.  There are so many to choose from.  Where do I start?
You are smart to be considering an investment in new hardwood floors for your home.  Wood flooring enhances the décor of any room, and provides timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years. In fact, in a national survey of real estate agents, 90 percent said that houses with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices than houses without wood floors.
Your Enhance Floors Design Consultant will need certain information in order to know what type of products you should consider.  Typical questions we will ask you include:
~~Are there existing hardwood floors in your home that you want to match?
~~If so, what do you know about these floors?  Is the wood something your builder installed or were the floors added later?  
Do you have any information on your current floors?

~~What is the subfloor in the rooms you want the hardwoods for?  Wooden subfloor (plywood) or cement slab? Is there a basement or crawl space underneath the rooms?

With this information your Design Consultant can begin making product recommendations.  First, we will determine if you need site finished or prefinished hardwoods.  If your subfloor is wooden, and your existing hardwoods were installed by your builder, you probably have site finished floors.  If you are not matching existing hardwoods, you may want to consider a prefinished floor. 

What does this mean?  Site-finished hardwoods are installed raw (unfinished) and then sanded, stained, and coated with polyurethane in your home. 
You are able to select the stain color and the gloss level of the floor.  Prefinished hardwood floors are fully manufactured and finished in the factory.  A prefinished floor offers a quicker and more convenient installation.  Manufacturers of prefinished floors include companies like Bruce, Armstrong, Mohawk, and Somerset. Both types of wood flooring (site-finished and prefinished) are available in solid and engineered wood.

Next, we will determine if you need solid or engineered wood.
Solid wood is exactly as it sounds: a solid piece of wood.  Solid wood is usually ¾" thick. Engineered wood is thinner and is
made in plies (layers) with the actual species of wood on the top layer.  The bottom layers utilize other species of wood for stability.  Engineered wood was developed for glue down installation, but some can be nailed and floated. Engineered floors can be ¼", 3/8" (most common), ½", or even 3/4" thick.  If the area being installed has a plywood subfloor, either type may be used.   Solid wood floors can only be installed on a cement slab if special and expensive installation techniques are followed.

If you are adding to existing hardwoods, prefinished or site finished, you will also need to determine what you have: thickness (normally 3/8" or ¾"), width (2 ¼" and 3" are the most common widths for older floors), and species.  Most wood floors are oak, but there are numerous choices, including maple, birch, bamboo, and hickory.
If you do not have an existing hardwood floor to match, you get to select exactly what you want!  And the possibilities are endless.  Wood floors come in a variety of colors that will fit any décor. Today's wood floors come in more than 50 species, both domestic and exotic, spanning the spectrum of color options, finishes, and price ranges. No matter what the look you want to achieve, there are a variety of species to meet your needs.  Visit our Design Center to look at large product samples and installed wood floors and spend some time on the internet looking at pictures of flooring (Pinterest and Houzz are great sites for this) to help you find the wood floor of your dreams.
You may be wondering if prefinished floors are real hardwood floors and if engineered floors are real hardwood floors.  Yes, both are composed of 100% hardwood.  All ¾" solid prefinished wood floors can be sanded numerous times.  Most engineered wood floors can be sanded at least once, except veneers.  
Some other things to consider:
~~Some floors show wear and damage more readily.  Generally, the lower gloss, the less wear and scratches will show. Medium stain colors and wood with a lot of grain will also show less damage.  Very light and very dark floors show scratches and wear quickly, and floors such as maple that have very little grain again show imperfections more readily.  Distressed hardwoods may be the most practical option for active families and homes with pets.
~~If you are having site finished floors installed, there will be certain days and times that you cannot walk on the floors at all.  For this reason, many families choose to have the work done while they are on vacation.
~~Cost.  Hardwood floors cost at least twice as much as carpet, on average around $8.00 to $9.00 per square foot fully installed.  Of course, the average homeowner replaces their carpet every nine years, while hardwoods last decades and decades.
~~The home improvement shows may lead you to believe that installing hardwood floors is an easy do-it-yourself project. Unless you have excellent carpentry skills, you will probably find that this is not the case! The quality of your installation is crucial because of the permanency of hardwood flooring.  Be aware that there is no easy way to fix a bad installation.
Hardwood floors offer warmth, beauty, and value and are one of the most important design elements in your home. You are now prepared with all of the basic information you need to begin shopping for a beautiful new wood floor for your home.  

How Much Does Will It Cost?
To help you budget, here is information on recent installations of all three types of hardwood floors:
New site finished with refinishing: new wood for kitchen and dining room $4900 (420 square feet) and refinish the existing wood family room and hall (415 square feet) $1900.
Prefinished engineered wood in family room and master bedroom (650 square feet) $5000.
Prefinished solid wood in kitchen with breakfast area and halls (350 square feet) $3500

It's Finally Fall Y'all!

With a tease of cool weather a couple of weeks ago, we rushed out and bought marshmallows to roast over a cozy Autumn firepit, but a few days later, we were sweltering again---no cocoa or hayrides just yet, thanks very much! But it seems that Fall is truly around the corner now, here at the beginning of October, so let's do some seasonal prep.

It'll be getting dark earlier and earlier, so make sure all those outside lights have working bulbs, and go ahead and clean the cobwebs out too. The birdies have raised all their babies, and they've all flown away, so feel free to knock down any birds nests you find as well.

Indoors this is a good time to clean all those baseboards. If yours are already clean (mine aren't) then do something more aesthetically pleasing, and consider changing out artwork, swapping out window treatments, or adorning the sofa with some seasonal cushions. Bring those delicious soft throws out and toss them across the sofa. You may have some collectibles or knick knacks that you can "retire" for a few months and replace with the ones you usually keep put away. Yes, you know you have some!

And just so you feel ultra-practical and productive, clean out a drawer---one per week should keep you busy! Who knows what you'll find? Maybe something great you forgot you have!

In decorating this Fall, we're seeing copper continue to be popular. Brass and other gold-tones are still gaining a greater market-share as well. Colors are rich and drenched, oranges and blues leading the pack. Deep orangey reds, and blues in the middle of the spectrum (not too light, not too dark), as well as lush charcoally greys. This applies to home décor as well as clothing. 

What else is in for clothing?

Big chunky boots are out. A neat trim pair of ankle boots is a big Yes.

Fur that is obviously fake, made in lots of fun colors, is trending.

Don't put those maxi skirts away. Do pair them with fitted tops and jackets.

More do's and don'ts
Do a thorough vacuum cleaning inside the house- even moving furniture. Get ALL that dust!

Don't wear shoes inside the house. They carry dirt and germs.

Do clean all your switch plates. Don't spray cleaner directly on them- use a cloth dampened with cleaner.

Do paint your front door. Don't close it while it's still wet.

If that carpet still looks sad and tired after a good vacuuming, come on in to the store. We are having a great promotion-- The Mohawk Anniversary Sale features sale prices plus offers you a choice: an instant rebate (up to an additional $500 off, on a sliding scale based on square footage purchased) or 36-month interest free financing. Not in the market for carpet?  No worries, hardwoods, laminates, ceramic, and luxury vinyl floors are also part of the big Mohawk Anniversary Sale!

We also have a new product in the store. An interesting new "hybrid" of laminate and vinyl. It is Armstrong PRYZM and it is beautiful! There are four layers to it: a commercial grade wear layer, then the visual layer, award winning for its textures and designs, in the middle is a dent proof and waterproof core, and on the bottom is a cork layer for comfort and sound absorption. Very durable and scratch resistant, plus able to handle any moisture that comes its way, PRYZM is a fabulous new line we are so excited about!

What images does Fall evoke for you? For us, it's more than images. It's smells, too. That sweet clean smell of Autumn, the cinnamon and clove smells of pumpkin pie, that spiciness of chrysanthemums, and the wonderful woodiness of bonfires. And sounds---leaves crunching underfoot, birds chirping, and children happily exiting the school bus. The touch of the cooler, almost chilly, air at night, those cozy soft sweaters, and the feel of the breeze flowing in the windows we can open now after a hot summer. And oh! the taste of those apples straight from the orchard! And the fried well, everything, at the weekend festival!  And the pies! And the warm comforting soups!

But the sights! The earthy colors, the inviting textures, the beautiful corn mazes, the piles of orange and pink and yellow and white and green pumpkins. Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch.  The pumpkin patches are popping up all over the place---stop by and pick out a few or a dozen. They make wonderful Fall décor, and will last right through Thanksgiving.  Gather some acorns, some pinecones, and your fall decorating is as good as done.

Another quick and easy way to update your home is with a new rug or two.  We have a large selection of rugs in our Rug Shoppe, with prices starting at $99.  Maybe you need a new rug for your foyer, an outdoor rug for your patio or deck, or a custom sized rug for your living room.  Come in and see what we have.  And if you just can't get by the store, you can also shop for rugs on our website.  Here's the link to see the beautiful rugs we sell online---great prices and a large selection!
Is your house ready for the holidays?  
Thanksgiving is only seven weeks away.  Now is the time to decide what has to be done before the holidays and begin getting the work scheduled.  Maybe new kitchen countertops and a backsplash, new carpet to update the bedrooms, hardwood floors for the family room for a warm and cozy feeling---meet with an Enhance Design Consultant and get your project started so that it can be completed before the guests arrive to visit or before the office party you volunteered to host at your home.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are feeling so especially thankful that we remain so unscathed here in the Atlanta area, as Mother Nature has been showing her bad temper in so many other parts of the globe. Our thoughts and prayers linger so often these days on the folks whose lives have been ripped apart.

We here at Enhance are thankful for all our wonderful customers and friends. We are grateful for the part you play in our days, making our work a pleasure. We will be hosting a "Thankful" event on November 9th. Stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All Your Flooring Needs

When you read this, Irma will be a memory and hopefully nothing more. We all hunkered down and hoped for the best, but planned for the not-so-great. We are always so impressed and moved by how kind people can be to one another when facing a common adversity. There have been so many examples of this in the past couple of weeks, first during Harvey in Texas, and now during the Irma Florida evacuations; so many people offering help, accommodations, and prayers for our neighbors to the south. Thank you for anything and everything you have done to make evacuees feel more comfortable during their "Hurrication" here in the Atlanta area.

Time passes, life moves on, and business continues.  Looking forward to happier, less stressful days!!

An Instant Best Seller
We just received beautiful brand new Versini stylings. This line is both luxurious and surprisingly affordable.  Versini offers a wide variety of wood species, looks, and colors, many with practical low gloss/matte finishes. Versini has an Italian influence and Old-World feel, with lots of distressing and hand scraped looks. We are so proud to have this fine line in our Design Center!

Smart and Beautiful At The Same Time
Another new addition to the showroom is Mohawk's SmartStrand Silk Reserve. This is carpet that you can't wait to get home to! It is incredibly soft and luxurious feeling, but still one of our most practical carpets. Silk Reserve was designed and manufactured with permanent stain and soil protection that won't wash off or wear off. Of course, there is no real silk in this carpet- can you imagine how hard all those little caterpillars would have to work! The "silk" comes from the special manufacturing process used to make the fibers in this carpet sooooo soft and indulgent feeling. Smart!
Upstairs Downstairs
Another service that we are providing a LOT recently is staircase updates. We can completely remodel your stairs top to bottom, by replacing your treads and risers, or a change out of your balusters and handrails. And don't forget the newel posts! So many houses still have the builder grade, beat and banged up original super-traditional balusters, and our customers just don't feel that these represent their personalities or taste. We have dozens of baluster styles to choose from, including wrought iron, and can help you with decisions about finish, color, paint vs. stain, and more. Come on in and let us help you design your new staircase soon!

How Much Does It Cost?
Maybe your staircase just needs a mini-makeover and not a full replacement.  This week we are installing 12 stained and urethane -coated treads (the part that of the stair that you step on) with primed risers (the vertical part that is the back of the step) for a little over $2000.
Design Tip
As you shop for accessories to transition your home from summer to fall, consider adding velvet to your interior design. What could be more soothing than velvet? The fabric feels luxurious and welcoming for fall and winter, and when combined with rough natural textures (think reclaimed wood and woven baskets) and smooth metals and ceramics, it adds visual interest and tactile coziness to a room.  Look for velvet pillows and throws, or if you are furniture shopping, maybe a velvet upholstered chair.

We're Not Perfect
but if there is a problem we will take care of it!  Here's a recent review that was posted about Enhance Floors & More:
"I used Enhance Floors, and they were excellent. The owner of the company comes to your house to evaluate and to measure, and I was really impressed by that. I had a million questions, and he answered all of them. He was very friendly, very helpful, very patient, and nice. The people came and did the work, and they did a very good job. While it wasn't terrible, they had scraped some of my plantation blinds. I called up the company afterward to tell them that the blinds were scratched in two places, and the owner came back and evaluated it. He didn't fight me at all. He said, 'Sure, I see this. We'll get it fixed up.' He sent a painter out, and the painter was excellent. The painter came exactly when he said he would, and he always let me know when he was coming. He took his shoes off to go on the carpets and work. He did a super job fixing it up."

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Information You've Been Looking For

We can't believe how quickly the summer has come to an end! It seems like we just barely got our toes wet, and now it's over! Time to put away the toys of summer and get back to "real" life: backpacks, football schedules, and all things pumpkin flavored.
Now that you have come back indoors from spending all day every day by the pool, is that carpet looking a little worn? Time to freshen up those blinds? Could your bathroom use a facelift? Enhance is here and ready to help with all of that and more! We have beenbusy as little bees doing bathroom remodels this summer, and cork and bamboo floors have taken off like crazy! Remember how "green" these products are? Bamboo is an easily renewable resource, harvested every 5 to 6 years (for the best floors) and cork is the ultimate wood floor--no tree has to die! Cork is the bark of an oak that grows in Spain and Portugal, and regrows completely every 7 years!  If you are an environmentalist who wants to have beautiful, natural wood floors, one of these is your perfect solution.

Going green is also big in the color world. We are eating green, living green, and thinking green, and so naturally we are bringing green into our homes. In every room, in every shade, green rules!
Not up for painting all your walls Kelly green? Then use a few small accents to bring this happy color into your life:  throw pillows, seasonal artwork, accent rugs, vases, and plants are just a few inexpensive ways to pay tribute to that most alive and earthly color.
Are You Feeling Flushed?
Now, on to another subject. One rarely mentioned, but every home has at least one: the toilet.  The lowly toilet, necessary, but hardly ever discussed. Fifty years ago, a toilet was a toilet, was a toilet.
Now, however, the possibilities are astounding! If you've gone to buy a new toilet recently, did you select standard or comfort height? Single or dual flush? Gravity, or pressure assisted? Wall hung, or standing? What does it all mean???
Conventionally, all toilets were approximately 15 inches tall at the seat. In recent years, "comfort height" has caused a stir--yes, a stir! It is 17 to 19 inches tall, which is certainly easier if you are older and have difficulty getting up or down. Some factions, however, insist that this height is less "normal" in the act of elimination, and causes issues for those with, um.... issues.
And single or dual flush? A dual flush toilet offers two options: a "half" flush for liquids, and a full 1.6 gallon flush for solids. But these toilets average 1.28 gallons per flush, the same as a single flush, so it all comes out the same. Pun intended.
What you have been using your entire life is a gravity flush toilet. Did you ever notice how loudly toilets flush in public restrooms? These are pressure assisted toilets. There is an air tank in the wall which pressurizes each flush (don't ask me, I'm not an engineer) and assures a stronger flush. These toilets work wonderfully and conserve water, but are seldom seen in residences, and are a bit more expensive than a gravity flush unit.
A wall hung toilet is just that--the plumbing part of the toilet is inside the wall, and there is nothing sitting on the bathroom floor. Perhaps a bit cleaner than a standing unit, as well as great for a small bathroom or powder room, as it takes up less space.
So next time you are toilet shopping, you now have a little knowledge about your choices!

What You Don't See IS Important
We at Enhance have told you before that part of our job is to educate you and inform you about what you are buying, not just sell you a product based on sales goals or quotas. In that spirit, we're going to talk a bit about carpet pads.
When Enhance quotes you on a carpet estimate, we include pad with that price. Our standard pad included with your purchase is an 8 pound rebond pad. The Industry "standard" is a 6 pound rebond pad, but we like 8 pound better, and think it does a better job. In some cases, buying a particular pad along with your carpet will extend your carpet's warranty--ask us about that! The basic kinds of carpet pad are fiber, rebond, a densified or frothed urethane, and rubber.
Fiber pads tend to have the firmest feel. They are usually made from synthetic fibers woven into a mat and are recycled from remnant textile bits.
Rebond is also a product of leftover manufacturing pieces, mostly from mattresses and the automobile industry (the foam used in car seats.)  The higher quality rebond pads are made from "Memory Foam", leftover from the mattress manufacturing process.  We do offer a rebond pad with a plastic moisture barrier applied to it, to prevent any liquid from going into the pad. When something spills, it is fairly easy to dry it up and remove it from the carpet, but when moisture gets down into the pad is when you start to see stains later wicking back up into the carpet from below. There are companies that manufacture pad from used (post-consumer) foam, but that is not a product we offer.
Urethane is a foamed product that is a single component, not pieces bonded together, although it almost always is encased in a waterproof "skin."  Urethane is typically the densest pad.
Rubber is the waffle looking pad that you sometimes see. It is the most expensive upgrade we offer. For obvious reasons, an additional waterproofing layer is unnecessary with a rubber pad. The quality of rubber pads has improved immensely in the past 15 years, as they no longer disintegrate over time.
When weighing your options on which pad to get with your carpet, remember that your flooring is a system of carpet and pad working together. The appearance of the pad is irrelevant, it will do its job sight unseen for the next 10 to 15 years. It is there to support the carpet, protect the carpet, and to make walking on the carpet a pleasure.

Finally---The Solution
If you have hardwood floors, this is the product you have been looking for:  Flexi-Felt is an innovative line of felt floor protectors that actually work! Flexi-Felt is 100% wool felt, unique patented design, guaranteed to protect your hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors and to allow your furniture to slide effortlessly. Here are some of the FAQs we get about Flexi-Felt:
What is different about Flexi-Felt and the felt pads I can get at the dollar store?  With Flexi-Felt it is practically impossible to remove the felt from the furniture.  The adhesive is long lasting and secure.There's no warranty on the ones from the dollar store, but Flexi-Felt has a lifetime warranty that the felt will never separate from the plastic sleeve. The felt pads from the dollar store are made from a cheap synthetic polyester, Flexi-Felt is made of a soft wool blend felt that will not thin or flatten out. The unique transparent flexible sleeve of the Flexi-Felt Clear protects your furniture by preventing the dings and scratches caused while vacuuming or when moving your chairs.
What sizes do they come in? Flexi-Felt has over 6 sizes starting at 5/8" up to 1¾" - 2" along with pad strip that you can cut yourself to fit any size.
My reclining chair has oversized "legs".  Nothing fits.  Any solutions?  Flexi-Felt carries varied sizes of felt disks to fit oversized legs, from 1- 1½" to 3"x3".
My couches slide. Any solutions?  Yes, Slide Stop will put an end to slipping & scratching.
What can I use to keep my rolling chair from damaging my floor?  Flexi-Felt makes caster covers that will stop rolling chairs from damaging floors.
How do I know what size to buy?  By measuring the bottom of the chair legs.
My chairs have square legs.  All of the protector pads are round.  I hate the way this looks.  They will fit square chairs, and we also carry square pads.
My kitchen chairs have slanted ends.  And my bar stools have metal tips.  What can I use?  You can use the desk model Flexi-Felt 6225 or 6231 to cover the tip of the chairs.
Anything for the legs of my bed frame?  Yes, Flexi-Felt has bed casters.
Where do I get the Flexi-Felt pads?  I need a lot.  Can you order more? You can purchase at Enhance Floors & More.  We carry a large variety of sizes. We can also special order as many as you need.
Design Tip
Late summer is a wonderful time to repot your indoor plants.  Use beautiful containers to add bright accents to your interior decorating.  White containers add freshness and will brighten up your rooms in the fall and winter.  Your plants will be happier, and your home will be prettier and healthier!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DO this, DON'T do that!

Very rarely does a day go by at our store that we don't hear a "floor story" that makes us cringe:
~People had a party to show off their newly remodeled kitchen with hardwood floors, someone wore stilettos and ruined their brand new floor!
~Someone used that "new, wonderful" shine product on their laminate floors, and now they're all hazy!
~Lady got brand new LVP floors in the kitchen and when the plumber pushed the fridge back in place, he scratched the vinyl!
Yes, these and many more. All new flooring products have protectant, are "scratch-resistant" or "stain protected" but that doesn't mean they are impervious to damage. Nothing is 100% damage-proof!
Part of our job here at Enhance is to guide you to making the best choice for you and your family. Needs and situations vary, there is no perfect floor for everyone. And sometimes we are asked "What's the best?" Well, there's not one answer to that question! There are five different answers for every five customers. And sometimes a customer has to weigh and balance what they want against what they need.
What floor is the easiest to maintain? For most people, porcelain or ceramic tile.
What floor is the least expensive? Either carpet or sheet vinyl.
What floor gives you the most return on your investment? Wood, for sure.
What floor feels best under your feet? Definitely carpet.
What floor is best in a basement that tends to flood? Luxury vinyl with a waterproof core.
What floor is best for senior citizens? Consider cork- easy maintenance, antimicrobial, and softer that other "hard" surfaces in case of falls.
SO many variables, so many choices! No "one size fits all" answers.
Next, we're going to list some "DO's & DON'Ts" for all sorts of floors. Maybe by reading the list, you will find the factor that helps you decide, or tips the balance between Need and Want! When choosing any new floor, take samples home, look at them in all the rooms where you plan to have it installed, at all different times of day, drapes closed and open, daytime and nighttime. We strongly advise against making a final decision without ever having the sample in your home for several days!
If carpet is your choice-
~DO consider polyester carpet if you are on a budget.
~DO consider upgrading your pad. The standard pad included with purchase at Enhance is an 8-pound rebond pad. We have several upgrade options, some for practical reasons, some purely for comfort.
~DO treat any stains or spots immediately. Spills are going to happen. Just get them up as soon as possible!
~DO vacuum regularly. Dirt and grit deteriorate the fibers and even the backing on carpet, and the damage starts from within.
~DO use the appropriate vacuum cleaner, set at the correct height for your type carpet. Beater bars should not actually touch the carpet, but should create a wind tunnel effect pulling dust and dirt up and out of the carpet.
~DO have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis, with hot water extraction. The carpet manufacturers require documentation of this in order to honor a future warranty claim, so save your receipts.
~DO rearrange your furniture periodically. This allows furniture marks to dissipate, and traffic patterns to even out.
For hardwood-
~DO expect color and grain variations, as wood is a natural product.
~DO keep your hardwood floors clear of grit- this is one of your floor's biggest enemies.
~DO clean your hardwood floors with a manufacturer approved product for wood, without wax or harsh soaps.
~DON'T install hardwood floors in a space where they will be exposed to excessive moisture, and DON'T allow damp items (such as used towels or wet bathing suits) to be left on your hardwood floors.
~DON'T allow stilettos or cleats on your hardwood floors!
~DON'T allow your wood floor to be exposed to direct sunlight. It can fade it.
If you're jamming on laminate-
~DO be sure your installer uses a quality underlayment to quiet the floor and protect your laminate from beneath.
~DO clean up any spills just as soon as they happen.
~DO sweep, dust mop, and damp mop with the manufacturer's recommended cleaning product.
~DO use felt pads (we sell Flexi-Felt at Enhance) on your furniture feet to protect your floors from scratches.
~DON'T install laminate in an area with excessive moisture.
~DON'T use mop-and-shine products on your laminate.
If you choose vinyl flooring-
~DO wipe up spills as soon as possible. Vinyl is very resilient; however, it can be stained.
~DO use plywood sheeting when moving heavy furniture or appliances to protect your vinyl from being scratched.
~DON'T use any abrasive cleaner on your vinyl floor.
~DON'T use rolling casters on vinyl, use chairs with felt tips instead.

Or if tile completes you-
~DO use stain resistant grout.
~DO remember that while tile is very durable, it isn't indestructible and can be chipped or cracked.
~DON'T get hung up on the differences between ceramic and porcelain. In a residential installation, either is perfectly fine used indoors.
 Some rules that apply to ALL floors:
~Get spills up as quickly as possible.
~Use protection on furniture feet.
~Use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products.
~Always consider buying extra product for any future repair.
~DON'T wear shoes inside your home (see our article from March 2017)
~DON'T invest in new flooring without analyzing your window treatments, or lack thereof.  Direct sunlight can fade carpet, bleach out wood floors, and cause certain luxury vinyls to curl up on the edges.
 ~DON'T use the wrong vacuum on your floors.  For example, a vacuum with a beater bar can cause permanent scratches and chips to your hard surface floors.
If You Need It Now....
We have 18-month interest free financing on Mohawk products (carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl) purchased by Friday, July 21.  You don't need to have it installed by the 21st, just ordered.  Here is an idea of the monthly payments on some recent installations with the 18-month financing option:
~~Master bedroom with sitting area, two guest bedrooms, playroom, office, closets, hall, landing and stairs 1855 sq. ft. (huge area!) in a medium quality Mohawk carpet with upgraded pad $398 per month

~~Family room, kitchen, breakfast room, hall and foyer 849 sq. ft. in a Mohawk distressed engineered wood $452 per month.  These are big rooms and there was existing wood to pull up

~~Kitchen, breakfast area, pantry and utility room 446 sq. ft. in Mohawk SolidTech luxury vinyl plank $211 per month

~~Family room, dining room, living room, kitchen with breakfast area, hall and foyer almost 1100 sq. ft. in Mohawk Huchenson laminate $425 per month

~~Master bathroom floor 92 sq. ft. in an 18 x 18 Mohawk porcelain tile installed with Fusion stain resistant grout $84 per month
Design Tip
Trendy versus Trending?  There is a big difference.  It sounds like minor semantics, but in the world of home design, it's important.

Trendy is a moment in time.  It can be here this season and gone the next.  Trending, however, is taking part in a much wider and lasting movement. 
When we make big decisions for our home, such as flooring, we don't want to make a decision based on what is trendy.  "We want to make a decision by what will have lasting appeal," says Emily Morrow, Shaw's Director of Style, Color, and Design. The major flooring manufacturers have designers and trend experts that study the global design marketplace to find the styles, the patterns, the textures, the materials, and the colors that will have lasting impact and timeless beauty.

Is there room for trendy in our lives?  Absolutely. Trendy items in our wardrobes and in our home accessories (pillows, throws, candles, artwork, even rugs) can provide lively updates for a season. But when making the significant investments for your home like new floors, choose a style and color that will make your home beautiful this season and many, many more to come.