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Friday, June 28, 2013

What's New At Enhance

Beautiful new hardwood flooring styles from Mohawk! Among our favorites are:
~~~Demarco Sapele, an African hardwood prized for its color, grain and strength. The appeal of this wood has lead to its being used in fine woodwork in many industries, including high-end cabinets, furniture, and the automotive industry. For example, Cadillac uses highly polished sapele wood for the interior trim material in its higher end vehicles. Sapele wood has a very fine grain, and the reddish-brown color darkens and becomes richer over time. Sapele has a hardness rating of 1,500, about 16 percent above the ranking of red oak.
~~~Adventura wire brushed oak hardwoods, in 4" 6" 8" random widths and five stain colors. What is wire brush? A technique that consists of running a wire brush over wood flooring, creating a rough, hard surface. The wire brush gets rid of the soft wood on the surface, making the floor more durable, less slippery, and easier to maintain. Wire brushed floors can withstand wear and tear, making them a great option for households with kids or pets.

~~~Parisian Acacia---a 5" wide exotic wood available in three stain colors: Natural, Barrel, and Spice. One of these reddish-brown tones is sure to be perfect for your d├ęcor!

PLUS 18 Month Interest Free Financing on all installed purchases over $3500. Hurry--financing offer ends July 9th!

Smart Home Improvement Projects Part II
Last week we listed the top 5 home improvement projects, based on the average ROI, from Remodeling Magazine's most recent comprehensive survey. (For you non-accountants, ROI is Return On Investment. In this case it is the increased value of your home based upon the investment price of the improvement.) This week we are sharing more statistics to help you decide what to update at your home this year.

#6 Major Bathroom Remodel
Average return at resale: 93.2 percent
•A major bathroom remodel involves expanding an existing 5-by-7-foot bathroom, relocating and replacing the tub and toilet and adding designer sinks and faucets, a linen closet, lighting, a ceramic tile floor and exhaust fan for a cost of $26,052, which brings in $24,286 at resale.•Start at the bottom. Dated flooring can seriously drag down value. Replace old floors with fresh tile in ceramic or stone for a solid payoff. Buy extra tiles and set aside at the end of the job in case you need to make repairs in the future.
•Give an old vanity a facelift with a new countertop for a clean fresh look buyers will love.
•Use eye-fooling tricks to make a small bath look larger. A new pedestal sink is a smart replacement for an old cabinet. The smaller footprint gives the illusion of space.

#7 Major Kitchen Remodel
Average return at resale: 91 percent
• A complete kitchen remodel in a midrange home averages $43,862 and returns $39,920 at resale. That price buys 30 ft. of cabinets, an island, laminate countertops, stainless sink, wall oven, cook top, vinyl flooring and appliances. NOTE: Hardwood or tile floors, stone (granite or quartz) countertops, and stainless steel appliances are what buyers expect if you want top dollar for your home•If your home's value rises and your kitchen's finishes don't, do a major remodel rather than small fix-ups. Budget 15 to 20% percent of your home's value remodeling the kitchen.
•Kitchens feel bigger when there are fewer obstacles. Removing cabinets over a counter gives a wide open feel. Make those countertops truly useful by creating an eating bar.
•An eat-in kitchen is a big plus - give it a deluxe touch with a built in banquet or bench and nice pillows.
•Planning to sell? Stick with neutral colors for walls and window treatments. Remodeling to please yourself? Choose colors you love.
•Put your home in the best light. Perk up a dark kitchen with French doors that'll let the sun shine in.

#8 Deck, Patio or Porch Addition
Average return at resale: 90.3 percent
• Adding a 16x20 ft. pressure-treated wood deck with a simple pattern costs about $11,000. At resale, you'll get about $10,000 of that back, a recoup rate of 90 percent.•One simple but effective trick - add eye-appeal with decorative planters on the front porch, patio and decks.
•Give a courtyard an impressive entry with an inviting gate, lighting and mature plantings. These small improvements will have a big impact at closing.
•Use bold plantings to emphasize features, or to distract the eye from flaws.
•Run-down stairs lower your profit margin, so make sure porch railings are safe and attractive.
•And here's an easy tip - camouflage unattractive air conditioning units with a wooden trellis.

#9 Basement Remodel
Average return at resale: 90.1 percent
• The average basement remodel costs just over $51,051 and returns $46,010, so you'll recoup about 90 percent of the cost. •What do you get for $51,051? A 20 x 30 entertaining area with wet bar, a 5x8 bath, recessed lighting and a laminate floor.
•Finishing the walls is a must - but here's an important tip: Keep dry wall panels a half-inch away from concrete floors, so they don't show moisture.
•Always fix flooding problems first. Add French drains, bigger gutters or re-slope the yard to keep water out. Test to make sure the fixes work before investing time or materials in a basement.
•Want just the wet bar? Buy 10 linear feet of cabinets, a laminate countertop, a stainless steel drop-in bar sink and an under-counter refrigerator for about $2,500.

#10 Replacement Windows
Average return at resale: 89.6 percent
• Replacing 10 3x5 ft. windows runs about $9,700. On average nationally, you'll get back $8,700 when you sell, a recoup rate of nearly 90 percent.
•For hot climates, there's low-e glass that reflects heat. And for maximum efficiency, add argon gas inside the pane to prevent heat and cold transference within the window.

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