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Monday, June 15, 2015

In With The New

What's New At Enhance
New products are arriving almost every day.  Some of our new samples are updated styles and color lines, while others are totally new collections of flooring products.  We would like to introduce you to some of our favorites:

Interceramic Stone and Marble Display
Need inspiration for your new backsplash?  Be sure to check out Interceramic's impressive stone and marble accent display!  There is a variety of marble, Mexican Travertine and Turkish Travertine to choose from, all in large grouted panels showcasing a variety of design options.  Come see the beauty a natural stone can add to your kitchen or bathroom.

Caress Patterns
Shaw Caress has introduced some fabulous new patterns.  Bold patterns in rich color lines offer carpets that are soft and that make a statement for any room.  The Anso Caress Nylon fiber gives you super softness in a pattern and is sure to hold up to the everyday wear and tear of your household.

Karastan Live Beautifully
See almost everything Karastan has to offer in this easy-to-shop boutique of both the newest and best selling styles.  Featuring many different carpets in large sized samples, you'll find selecting your new carpet so very easy.  The new display offers a variety of choices, including wools, patterns and cut pile carpets.

Mohawk Northfield and Sandbridge Engineered Hardwood 
Looking for a beautiful wood floor that is not just like everybody else's?  Then be sure to see these two ½ inch thick wide plank styles.  The Sandbridge comes in 4, 6 and 8 inch random widths and is wire brushed for that "old world" look.   Northfield is all 7 inch planks in colors including Hearthstone Oak, Castlerock Maple, and Gunmetal Oak.   Plus both styles feature the most durable coating system in the industry, Mohawk's ArmorMaxFinish Technology, for maximum protection to your hardwood floors.  An engineered wood with the best finish in the business plus a wide plank offer you endless design choice.

Armstrong Luxe Luxury Vinyl
Luxe Plank, an innovative, waterproof flooring, brings the natural beauty of hardwood and stone to any room of your home.  Got pets?  Kids?  There are many beautiful wood and tile looks in this Luxury Vinyl line that will be a great addition to your active home.

Woodhouse Pacific Pecan Skip Sawn Hardwood
This Pacific Pecan hardwood floor is skip sawn, which is a unique distressing technique that adds character to the beauty of the wood.  It comes in both solid and engineered construction, in three rich and beautiful colors, including a popular gray tone.  If you are looking for a rustic but elegant wood, this one will be sure to catch your eye.

SmartStrand Forever Clean Color Wall
Mohawk has re-vamped its flagship SmartStrand products with a brand new display.  With a vast selection of colors, including flecks and tonals, and varying ounce weights, the new display offers a variety of choices, sure to be perfect if you're looking for a durable, easy to clean carpet.

Mohawk Cottage Villa Laminate
If you like the look of a rustic hardwood but want a less expensive option, the Cottage Villa laminate offers just that.  It features 7 ½ inch wide planks and a unique, textured finish.  Get the look of beautiful, rustic hardwoods for half the price with this laminate.

Design Tip
Blues are a big trend in design.  One popular choice is Coastal Surf by Kelly-Moore.  This is no soft and wispy shade of blue. Coastal Surf is deep and dramatic and works well with a variety of design styles.  Vibrant blues such as Coastal Surf make terrific background colors. They immediately draw the eye in, and whatever is set in front of them really stands out. Greens and blues tend to come together well, forming a soothing palette. This is because they are both cool colors and are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. You can use more intense shades of each color and still get a calming vibe. Just be sure to use them in smaller chunks to keep them from taking over the space.

If you do opt to go big with this deep blue hue, try limiting it to rooms that are used only in passing or for small amounts of time, such as a powder room or behind a bar area.  Floor-to-ceiling intense color can be tough to pull off in a living room or kitchen, where we spend many of our waking hours, but in a space you don't spend much time in, it's a fun, unusual and very dramatic choice.

There used to be a rule against using blue in dining rooms and kitchens, because it was thought to be an appetite-suppressing color, but we say if you love blue, go for it. A small accent wall adds a nice dash of color in an otherwise light, white space.

Don't want to commit to colorful cabinetry or other built-in items? Go for bold blue furniture instead. Chairs are a breeze to change out later if you fall in love with another hue.


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