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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Painting Dos and Don'ts

Get Your New Floor Today, Take 30 Months To Pay
Shaw's annual 30 Days of HGTV HOME promotion is kicking off.  This year, you can choose from special financing on HGTV products (carpet, hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl) or receive instant savings up to $500 on your purchase.

The thirty month financing runs through September 30 on installed purchases of HGTV products.  This is an equal payment plan, so you don't have to worry about paying it off by the end of the 30 months.  If you have been thinking about getting beautiful new floors but want to pay over a longer time period, now is the time to check out the designer favorite HGTV lines and get pre-approved for the 30 month financing. 
And if financing isn't something you are interested in, you will love the great sale prices and the instant savings on your new HGTV floors.

If you are looking for a unique patterned carpet, the Shaw HGTV Earthen line offers just that.  Asymmetrical shapes offer a stunning visual that isn't too subtle, but not too bold either.  With a variety of colors to choose from this is a carpet you don't want to miss.

The HGTV Norton Oak line offers a classic look in an engineered wood.  Traditional colors and an option of a wide 5 inch plank or a narrower 3 1/4 inch plank make the Norton Oak a must-have engineered wood for traditional homes. 

If you are looking for a laminate that falls into the more rustic category, the HGTV Alpine line is for you.  If you have an active household but still want the look of hardwoods, laminates are a great option.  The HGTV Alpine features a Hickory character look, which will add warmth and coziness to your home.

Is Painting On Your "To Do" List?

A bucket or two of paint is an inexpensive and quick way to refresh your home.  If painting is one of your projects to complete this fall, be sure to avoid these 

DON'T use low quality paints.  Low quality paints will produce a low quality job.  If you are spending the time and effort to paint your house, you want to invest in high quality paints that will last a long time and make the job easier.
DON'T paint over wall paper.  If possible, remove it all with a steamer or paper-removing solution and prime.  If it is old and not coming off, remove the loose pieces, repair with joint compound to smooth out the wall, then sand and prime. 
DON'T use a latex over an oil based paint and vice versa. 

DON'T stop to take a break in the middle of a wall.  It will not blend well when you come back to it, producing a botched paint job.  Paint all the way to a corner or edge to finish before you take a break.   


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